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A Blizzard's Wake by Noizey on DeviantArt
A Blizzard's Wake by Noizey
Halo: ODST magazine cover, Isaac Hannaford
ArtStation - Halo: ODST magazine cover, Isaac Hannaford
Leak Reveals Deus Ex: Mankind Divided For PS4, Xbox One, PC
Leak Reveals Deus Ex: Mankind Divided For PS4, Xbox One, PC
Xbox one Halo 5 Guardian Limited Edition
Xbox one Halo 5 Guardian Limited Edition
Bayek fan art
Bayek from Assassins Creed Origins
Spartan OPS, Benjamin Carre
ArtStation - Spartan OPS, Benjamin Carre
Destiny 2 Cinematics Paintings Bundle, Darek Zabrocki
Project: Destiny 2 Cinematics Client: Blur Director: Kevin Margo Last year I had a pleasure to help Blur with the series of cinematics for Destiny 2. I was tasked to do keyframes for openings/closing shots, environment design for pre-game look of the city being built and some additional color/composition paintings. Here is a batch of all paintings and sketches I did along the way for that project. Kudos to all guys from Bungie, game turned out great!
Assassin's Creed Origins: All you need to know
Assassin's Creed Origins: All you need to know
Halo 4 by PRATT-FACE on DeviantArt
Halo 4 by PRATT-FACE on DeviantArt
halo project
Concept art projects
Silent Assassin
I tried to fight this agony... by TexD41 on DeviantArt
I tried to fight this agony... by WinterSpectrum
Bach Do...
Bach Do... - Kai Fine Art
Robotics, cybepunks and modern soldiers armour
Noble Team Assists Fireteam Charlie
Wake me... When you need me
Spartan; Primarch John 117, Georgy Stacker

itsMeenerTeekay 7 hours ago shared via Twitter
I'd start a Grand Cafe, It will include the following: 1. 4 x TV with (Xbox and PlayStation) 2. Black Concise arena (Big Screen projects the events) 3. Book reading club

So_Kurrupt May 18 shared via Twitter
When someone says Xbox Series X has no games: Halo Infinite Age Of Empire 4 Gears Tactics Gears 6 The Initiative Game Hellblade 2 Project Mara Forza Motorsport 8 Forza Horizon 5 Playgrounds RPG Everwild State of Decay 3

Justinpgh118 May 22 shared via Twitter
I can now play the Sims on my phone thanks to xbox's project X cloud so fucking cool!!🤣

SilentHillDude May 18 shared via Twitter
Series X: Halo Infinite Hellblade 2 Project mara Scorn The Medium. Ps5:

Reshkrom1153 May 24 shared via Twitter
From a pure spec standpoint? It basically is. I *think* the custom SSD for the Series X is slightly worse than the one in the PS5, but that's a difference of milliseconds.

MochaSmiley 6 hours ago
【Game Stack】Xbox Series X + Project xCloud = New Chapter in Gaming | Gam... via

Tarkanome 15 minutes ago
Only verry few company’s like CD Project Red make huge work for a game like The Wircher 3 that it can run on the Switch. You will see that the PS5 exclusives will look and will be much better as the games which will be for PS4 too or Series X games which will release for Xbox one

perfectionvalet 4 hours ago
I’m currently running Xbox One X but am finding compatibility issues with Forza 7 and Project Cars 2? Dirt 2.0 is perfect though. Who would I speak to in the UK for Fanatec support?

mikeeyonmixer 13 hours ago
I really want that cyberpunk console. But already having the launch day Xbox One, the purple One S and Project Scorpio One X. It’s hard for me to lie about it hahaha

bpdxbox 7 hours ago

topboylfc May 19
Yo I wish the project Gotham facing series got a remake I loved that series and spent many a night playing it! Imagine how sic it would be on or the next gen

EdwardsDono May 22
So, all in all you get the following: Xbox live Xbox game pass (also on PC) Project X cloud Along with their exclusives, which need a refresh. In terms of services and overall value offer, I don’t see playstation offering anything else but exclusives. Which isn’t much value imo

roccozoom May 24
video games news, Scarlett Project Xbox comes in 2020, Scarlett Project Xbox, Project Project Xbox Scarlett, E3 2019, Xbox one x, xbox one, xbox scarl…

JamieMoranUK May 21
So Far for Xbox Next Gen We’ve seen: Halo Infinite HellBlade 2 Everwild Project Mara Console Controller Specs Some Features External SSD Boot up Screen Some Smart Delivery Games Some 3rd Party Games Raytraced Games Confirmation of a Ton of Studios Supporting Xbox Series X

sandiano8 May 22
Man, I am glad don mattrick is gone He was killing xbox in every single way Hopefully we will not gonna pass the same with series x I wonder if now obsidian will decide to make another project like stormlands Aswell I still wonder who will be the jp developer to join xgs

Delvmatic 2 hours ago
Really wish Microsoft would have made the Project Gotham Racing series backwards compatible on Xbox One, especially 2 and 3! Some great memories... would love to relive!

miomz May 24
Really? Really?I'm impressed with the amount of Ps5 exclusives, what? will these games come out for Xbox Series X and with better graphics and better performance? I do not believe!!! But what?Won't there be Hellblade 2 on Ps5? Not even Project Mara? And the Medium will also not?

AM_Isaak May 18

ZacharyAli9 May 23
I wonder if there will be a Xbox series x project Scarlett edition like the Xbox one x project Scorpio edition

era1Ne May 19
Xbox Series X uses Project Acoustics. Xbox One X used Dolby Atmos with 32 limited 3D sources. Get your facts straight about both consoles, otherwise you aren't better than the xbox fanboy.

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