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xIndica_xHigh May 24 shared via Twitter

WBazooka 20 hours ago shared via Twitter

Wetbuger May 18 shared via Twitter
Link your Ubisoft/Uplay account to Twitch -> . Then all you have to do is wait for it to be in your inventory (can take up to 2 hours)

mbyMilan May 21 shared via Twitter
Exactly the page refreshes all the time or if i click on Link twitch the website crashes.

NieldyR6 May 23 shared via Twitter
Sub to him and link your accounts like Ubisoft account. And twitch

Stanovich_ May 20
I get an error when trying to link my ubisoft to my twitch. This disallows me to get some of thse sweet drops :( pls help.

GAMERNETIC1 2 hours ago

KristGamers 10 hours ago
Salve Ragazzi! Alle 18 saremo in live con For Honor su Twitch! Vi aspettiamo sul campo di battaglia con tante risate!! Link in bio! 🔝

Jake84533381 May 24
Link your twitch account with your ubisoft and get this new pulse skin

ankoLUX May 23
R6 Funny Moments ~Follow me on twitch link in bio ~Share with your friends ~Make sure you check out the ig: anko.lux . . .

OwBloDaKidd May 22
When I went to link my Twitch Prime and Ubisoft Accounts to claim the Zofia & Mozzie outfits I accidentally put in the wrong Ubisoft account that isn’t linked to my Xbox. Is there anyway of changing it to my real Ubisoft account?

AlexPolo_ May 20
El link para sincronizar Twitch con tu cuenta de Ubisoft para los drops:

explodedprawn May 19
Good morning all, It is a fine day to game today, We will be doing part 4 of watch dogs 2 today, Be going live around 11.30am/12pm today Click the link below to watch :) See you soon

Ubisoft 15 Apr 2019
Streaming on Twitch? Send us your link below, and we might just drop by and say hi 👋

ZamzamDistro 3 Jan 2019


4FSGaming Apr 11

shepthelep96 22 Jul 2019
I'm trying to link my twitch account to my ubisoft account and its saying that it's already linked with another account and I dont know how that's possible. Is there anything I can do ?

Wario64 3 Jun 2019
Rayman Origins (PC) will be free by watching a Rayman 2 speedrun for 30+ minutes on Ubisoft's Twitch channel on June 10th, 10:30 AM PT Link Twitch and Uplay accounts:

my ubisoft account wont link together with my twitch prime account on my ps4 and I keep missing all the awesome skins any help or advice?

ItsJynxGames 16 Apr 2019
New computer is all set up! And I going live on Twitch with Division 2!!! Super Excited!! Come watch Link in Bio divisiongame bestbuy

bawan32 Feb 10
When i t trynna link my twitch to ubisoft club the activation button turns grey but nothing happens

AuraWolf92 10 May 2019
Link up with Twitch. Complete operation Archangel to unlock the exclusive Ghost Recon future soldier weapon skin for

AlienScientific 21 Sep 2019
is teasing new information on the upcoming and highly anticipated during game of play anyone else excited Make sure to follow me on Twitch link in the bio . . . . . - Random Tags-

Canadianguyehh 11 Jun 2019
Link to the twitch stream

kai_peltola 18 Dec 2019
So i will @ every related ppl i know until somebody will add those charm on my uplay pc account because i DID link my pc uplay before i did watch stream to get twitch drops!

NikolaiHarvey 6 Sep 2019

Syttix 6 Mar 2019
Haha no once you link your twitch and Ubisoft club you have to subscribe on twitch. It's free if you have Amazon/Twitch Prime

OrbitalShark 22 Jun 2019
Edit: you need to "unlink" your Twitch account then link again. Worked first time once it was done 😉👍🏻

sj_drop 14 Mar 2019
I can’t link my twitch with my uplay account

Sushxii2 Jan 23
How hard can it be JUST TO LINK TWITCH? FFS

PizzaSage_ 11 Jun 2019
Bro just make a twitch. & link us on a YT pre show vid.

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