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Revolt_Glacier 18 May 2019 shared via Twitter
Ubisoft account management —-> link twitch account

hendra1304 11 Oct 2018 shared via Twitter
hi i cant claim my AC Odyssey: Aegean Pirate Pack since its always say "Your Ubisoft account hendXXXXXX is not yet linked to a Twitch account. Please link your Twitch account first on Ubisoft account website." but i already connect my ubisoft with Twitch

carnagetrio 2 Oct 2018 shared via Twitter
New October Prime pack are out! Here is a tutorial on how to Link your Account to Twitch prime

shepthelep96 22 Jul 2019 shared via Twitter
I'm trying to link my twitch account to my ubisoft account and its saying that it's already linked with another account and I dont know how that's possible. Is there anything I can do ?

Snowflake13_13 Mar 31 shared via Twitter
my ubisoft account wont link together with my twitch prime account on my ps4 and I keep missing all the awesome skins any help or advice?

Succeeeeee 10 Oct 2018
How do I link my Ubisoft account to my twitch?

RobsenXI 17 Nov 2018
cant link my - account with to get my free loot. pls help :( <3

supcreators 23 Apr 2019
We’ll keep saying it over and over if we have to. We are not a retweet account. If you’d like us to show you consider clicking the link & finding out how a truly supportive organization operates. Tagging us in your tweets only goes so far 👉

kai_peltola 18 Dec 2019
So i will @ every related ppl i know until somebody will add those charm on my uplay pc account because i DID link my pc uplay before i did watch stream to get twitch drops!

CleatusEarl 20 Feb 2018
how can I tell if my Ubisoft account is linked to my twitch account? I linked them Sunday for the invitational but I think Ubisoft link me to a different twitch account.

ItsBK201 17 Aug 2018
Yes you can get charms, you need to link your Ubisoft Account to twitch. You can do that by using following Link:

OrbitalShark 22 Jun 2019
Edit: you need to "unlink" your Twitch account then link again. Worked first time once it was done 😉👍🏻

sj_drop 14 Mar 2019
I can’t link my twitch with my uplay account

I'm not able to link my Ubisoft account to my Twitch account to collect the rewards because my Ubisoft account is from my PlayStation account (logged into Ubisoft with my PlayStation account). Is there any way for me to link my account?

could_bad Jan 24
It wont let me link ubisoft and twitch account on ps4

ThatThereTim 3 Oct 2018
"Step 1: Link your Ubisoft and Twitch account here." link for the Twitch Prime AC: Odyssey loot returns a 502 bad gateway ()

DedMemesFocus 17 May 2019
I can't link my Uplay account on xbox to my twitch account, so i cant get the drops. What should i do?

SABJAGG 5 Sep 2019
I’ve been trying to link my twitch to my Ubisoft account but your page won’t even do anything when I put my email and password

Eltra_Phoenix 16 Feb 2018
Hey , if you whatch the game via Mobile Twitch, with my link account, does that count for the charm or only in the computer? Just wondering

shortyyguy 28 Jul 2018
For 3 years I have found a home in , experiencing new places and meeting new people! Now, for a limited time, subscribers to my Twitch channel who link their account to Uplay between July 30 - Sept 10 will receive a Shortyyguy charm in-game! Thank you Ubisoft! ❤️

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