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I agree. But I've read that Ubisoft wanted it to feel like the players themselves are now the main character. My main hope is that we get to design our character and return to 3rd person view. Maybe have script options. Having a silent no-name is a little annoying I'm my opinion. Even Link of LoZ had better dialogue without ever talking.
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Instagram post by Assassins Share Post • Jan 23, 2017 at 4:32am UTC
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The Legend of Zelda!!
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zelda problems
13. "The Legend of Zelda" is not about the main character; Link
Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered - Xbox One Standard Edition
It’s on amazon, just have to type it Don’t use this link

Ashleyscowcroft 16 May 2017 shared via Twitter
So you can't just link a Steam, PSN or Xbox Live account to get all the songs from the main game?

3ookeeper 16 May 2017 shared via Twitter
you can't link Steam songs to PSN, so...

PlagueTwitchTV 6 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
linked my twitch prime to my ubisoft acc then when i tried to link to my ubi to psn the link button turned blue then it backed me out. and i pressed claim loot but i dont have the loot in game pls help!

JamesNicholls3 3 Feb 2017 shared via Twitter
my psn account won't link. How long do i have to wait?

asim_sidz Jan 2 shared via Twitter
Trying the link on the website. It redirects me to the PSN store where its asking me to pay $15. I cannot find any free trial..!

Uthophiaa 7 Dec 2017
I just link my psn account to uno and and click create and after that I can't sign in and it is saying it is created already

FXHMantis 6 Jun 2014
can I only use the cTOS app with one console account. Got my PSN linked but my Xbox account doesn't seem to link.

CodemanSanchez 27 Nov 2015
everytime i sign in with my xbox linked account and go to link my psn it will either never load or load but wont confirm the link

DHforHOF 26 Jan 2017
Having an issue where my account won't link with my PSN. Trying to Live Chat with no success.

SR_Chep 3 Dec 2013
@UbisoftUK Hey, when are you going to fix the 1.02 update for Rocksmith 2014 and the PSN link up. Shockingly broken!

tadudek 26 Jan 2017
When I try to link my PSN I get an error that says my a PSN account is already linked, but the button says 'link account'? What2do?

Cade_Onder 18 May 2014
Can I get a link to the leaked stuff?

x50squidxx 8 Sep 2013
@UbisoftUK How do I link my Xbox account to my uplay account? it only shows Facebook & PSN?

FreshPhenom 1 Apr 2019
when I try to link my Ubi account to my psn to get my streamer charm. It keeps saying my account already has a psn linked to it. Is there any way to fix this?

NFSFan199 18 Mar 2018
Okay,may i list some nee features i wanna see in The Crew 2? Firstly,we need the ability to link the Xbox/PSN/Uplay Account when we play The Crew 2,so that players that alerady bought The Crew 2 on the console won't need to blew 20~30 USD on a game we already buy!(TBC…

SirTalllPaul 25 Apr 2012
Can you tell me how I link my PSN to my account for Ghost Recon Beta?

Mr_Fester 16 Nov 2013
Any word on some folks not being able to sign into your servers from a or even account link to the PSN network

TjKnuts84 16 Feb 2017
Still unable to link my PSN account to my Ubisoft account,every time I try it says unable to link at this time please try again.PT1

remakeyourself 8 May 2015
Your app to link PSN accounts to UPlay isn't working. It's unacceptable to force that functionality if you can't keep it running.

boostedneonguy 18 Mar 2016
Hey fix your servers I just want to link to Xbox and psn account to the same club account but nooooo oh and fix the division server

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