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captain_cum223 8 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
hello, I'm having a problem with my ubisoft club login. I know the email but not the password and no longer have access to the email to link my twitch and club accounts.

Xxanderaxlsson 19 May 2018 shared via Twitter
You only have to watch it. Make sure you link your Twitch to your ubisoft club. Nothing else

bawan32 Feb 10 shared via Twitter
When i t trynna link my twitch to ubisoft club the activation button turns grey but nothing happens

J0RD4N_2016 16 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
Hello, I was wondering if there was anyway to sign out of the ubisoft club on the PlayStation 4? because the account that is being used, I don't know the email or password (unless you can help me recover it) to be able to link my twitch and get the new Ash bundle.

Syttix 6 Mar 2019 shared via Twitter
Haha no once you link your twitch and Ubisoft club you have to subscribe on twitch. It's free if you have Amazon/Twitch Prime

Wukong_Hitman 29 Oct 2019
You need to link your Ubisoft Club that is linked to your For Honor PSN with Twitch account. Then just watch the livestream.

MattBrophy_ 21 Aug 2019
I want to link my Ubisoft club account to my twitch account to claim prime rewards. I created the Ubisoft club account using my PSN login, however when trying to link to my twitch account, there’s no option to login with PSN. What can I do to link the accounts?

TheReali1ickyou 18 Oct 2019
when i go to link my twitch and ubisoft club, it says it links, but it keeps saying link, and i don’t get the twitch prime gear from rainbow

ArcticWolf00 6 Mar 2019
How do you get the charms for Xbox? Do I link my twitch to my Xbox Ubisoft club? And then type in chat !claimcharm

C10CKW04K 21 Jun 2018
okay so long story, I have an old ubisoft club account that I made years ago that I no longer have the Email for. But all of my ubi games are signed into it but now I'm trying to link it to my twitch but I don't have the email anymore to do that please help

RezaEvol 17 Feb 2018

flamingoobject1 13 Feb 2018
im trying to link my Ubisoft club and twitch account for the charms but it won’t work because I used my Xbox live account for my Ubisoft club. What can I do?

thesiouxsniper 14 Jun 2018
Yes bro link your ubisoft club account to twitch and it'll work

Spider_Gamer2 13 Feb 2019
Well never had a reason to link my Twitch and Ubisoft Club until now! I can't pass up a free weapon! :)

wolf_guilty Apr 12
I’m trying to link my twitch prime to my ubisoft club account but i forgot the password and forgot the email for that account, is there any way you could help ?

CloudyJ_Dog Mar 25
Hey guys! I’m having trouble remembering the email I used for my ubisoft account and for some reason I can’t have access to that information through my ubisoft club I’m already signed into. So I can’t sign into ubisoft to link to my twitch prime. Can I get help?

GameSiege_ 11 Mar 2019
ITS HERE !! 0 days to go... follow us for new content dlc and launch day streams on and giveaways. We will have early access TODAY !! And will be streaming live. Keep an eye out for the link and tune in

jkocka007 22 Oct 2017
It's awesome isn't it? if you have twitch prime they just put out an add-on that you can link to Ubisoft club for a free twitch costume

Almighty_Omega 18 Feb 2018
I watch everything and I did not recieve one Twicth Drop to get my Rainbow6 Charms. My account is Link with Ubisoft.

ricardomaganano 20 Apr 2018
Will Help on Sam Fishers Mision on Xtreme dificulty for Twitch Subs on PS4, Psn Id is STAMPEDE-MX link to my TWITCH IS:

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