teach me how to dougie tiktok - Oclearyssparks

porkironandwine Mar 14 shared via Twitter
When I was in college I'd have classmates who'd climb tables and do the Harlem shake and teach me how to dougie and now yall adults rlly have the audacity to make fun of kids on tiktok.. like. That's what kids do. They like to have fun. People like to do harmless stupid shit. Lol

CinoevilMusic Apr 19 shared via Twitter
Just grateful that the Cha Cha Slide, Crank Dat, You're a Jerk & Teach Me How To Dougie dropped before the TikTok era.

chickn_ Apr 11 shared via Twitter
fuuuuuck these tiktok dances! can u teach me how to dougie??? 😨🤔😳

j_greiss May 4 shared via Twitter
Hey can you plz teach me how to dougie? I need to for a school project. And by that I mean for TikTok. I’m 29.

RamiofTeaneck 20 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
Which would've been bigger on TikTok- Teach Me How To Dougie or Soulja Boy - Crank that?

badhombre956 Mar 31
Always weird when someone uses teach me how to dougie on tiktok and doesn’t dougie 😬

spe236 Apr 7
Kids have it so easy these days with TikTok. We used to have to dance IN PERSON toteach me how to dougie” and “you’re a jerk” and GET LAUGHED AT BY GIRLS 😭

Mogwai5000 May 15
I have a feeling there’s gonna be somebody doing a TikTok toTeach Me How To Dougie’...and there’s not gonna be one sign of dougie throughout the whole video.

jjackklynn Mar 20
y’all learning all these tiktok dances and I’m still tryna get someone to teach me how to dougie

NardInThePaint 15 Jan 2019
I much rather prefer this generation of fortnite dancing n tiktok videos vs the fad I experienced in 2012 with teach me how to dougie n replacing oxygen with swag

ninaford96 Apr 8
If TikTok was around when we were youngsters, could you imagine all the different renditions for these bops: Gangnam Style Stanky Legg You’re a Jerk Teach Me How to Dougie Cat Daddy Pop Lock & Drop It Lean Wit It Rock Wit It Juju On That Beat Crank That Party Rock Anthem

lysamelodyyy Apr 4

SoloDiBaller May 22
Teach me how to dougie haina beat hilo hata robo..idea ni ya tiktok vids na ule wimbo wa yule dogo una style kama mia

CharlieBihemo May 22
"Teach me how to dougie" Beat Na video idea ni TikTok Ni mwendelezo wa Copy and Paste vile vile 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Agathaaramos May 4
O TikTok trouxe teach me how to dougie de volta pra minha vida.

Lalo na yung Tiktok ni Mark Herras na Teach Me How to Dougie waaaaahhhh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

_4fro Apr 11
Cali Swag District - Teach Me How To Dougie Esta es la otra que me quiero aprender el baile para hacerle el tiktok

Wait but that new teach me how to dougie tiktok dance kinda hard 😳

whothehail Apr 7
Take it easy on the younger generation guys... we learned to dance to soulja boy, stanky leg, teach me how to dougie, etc... now these young guns are trying to keep with mf's 😶

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