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1st Grade Pumpkin Ideas & a Freebie
1st Grade Pumpkin Ideas & a Freebie | Erica's Ed-Ventures
Informational Text Jenga: Grades 7-12
Informational Text Jenga game for any article | Grades 7-12
(THEME OF A TEXT) Task cards, wall charts, flashcards, and more. These task cards are aligned to Common Core Standards RL.2 and RI.2. These review the most common themes in literature and the most common central ideas in informational texts.
Anchor Charts - Text Features
Nonfiction Text Features Anchor Chart
Use this free text features slideshow to teach your 3rd grade, 4th grade, or 5th grade students about 18 different text features. The slideshow gives the name of the text feature, a definition, and a visual example to help your students better understand the purpose of text features. Includes nonfiction text features like headings, table of contents, labels, captions, and more - great for an upper elementary classroom lesson.
Help your students to find their way towards meaningful, standards based learning in the first five minutes of class with this bellringer journal for grades 6-8 ELA. Each reading standard has six bellringers that progress in higher order thinking skill level. From www.readitwriteitlearnit.com
text features project
This is a great way for students to compare and contrast on something other than a piece of paper. These paper plates are thin, cheap, and large!
FREE Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Passage - Animals DIGITAL & PRINTABLE
FREE nonfiction reading comprehension passage, both digital and printable. This product is perfect for close reading, interventions, nonfiction text features. main idea, cause and effect, compare and contrast, key details, sequence, inferring vocabulary. Common Core
Read Alouds That Help You Teach 3rd Grade Skills
FREE Nonfiction Reading Response Menu
FREE Nonfiction Reading Menu by It Happened in 3rd | Teachers Pay Teachers
Fiction Reading Centers | Graphic Organizers for Reading | Google Classroom FREE
Free Fiction activity sheets. These graphic organizers can be paired with any Nonfiction text! No Prep! Reading Comprehension | Comparing Texts | Point of View and Perspective
Short Mentor Texts and Sentences for Secondary Writing
Writing lessons and activities: use mentor texts in your middle and high school English class to provide exemplars that students can use to examine author craft. Check out the easy-to-use lessons in Room 213.
A Lesson on Integrating Text Evidence that my Secondary Students Loved | Teacher Off Duty
Want some ideas on how to teaching students how to integrate quotes and textual evidence in to writing?  I’ve got you. A couple weeks ago, Sam and I were given the task of creating a lesson plan to teach how to properly cite and analyze textual evidence (or integrate a quote into your paper), asContinue reading A Lesson on Integrating Text Evidence that my Secondary Students Loved
WritingFix: a Mentor Text Suggestion for Narrative & Memoir Writing
Notice and Note Classroom Wall Display
Learn how to begin implementing the Notice and Note signposts and reading strategies right away in your classroom.
The Textmapping Project- Using scrolls and textmapping to teach students to be strategic readers.
3rd Grade Read Alouds - School and the City
Check out this teacher- and student-approved list of 3rd grade read alouds... with links!
Fun in Room 4B
Fun in Room 4B: 11/01/2011 - 12/01/2011
One of my teachers in high school taught us something similar to this. Good way to teach students to think analytically about texts
Haunted By The Past
text | Tumblr
Context Clues
Context clues anchor chart for fourth, fifth, sixth grade #anchorchart
Your middle and high schoolers will LOVE the variety of fun-filled yet rigorous CCSS-aligned activities and handouts for the classic thriller, "The Monkey's Paw." Includes full text of story and detailed answer keys.
Angie Olson on Instagram: “Today is the day! Watch my IG story if you have no clue what I’m talking about. Tell me below, will you be there?”
Do you use mystery bags to teach your students about main idea and supporting details? If not, you should be! They are such a fun way to teach this skill and kids love the mystery part! Instant engagement!
Buzzing with Ms. B: Nonfiction: Main Idea Madness

doswank 28 Jul 2013 shared via Twitter
"Teach me how to Dougie" very talented texting going on!

futureartists 28 Jul 2013 shared via Twitter
film and content creators in we have created a workshop to teach you how to finance your next project

DirectionersATL 28 Jul 2013 shared via Twitter

l0lkylie 28 Jul 2013 shared via Twitter
Megan teach me how to cheer

chris_brockett 28 Jul 2013 shared via Twitter
Andrew Ng: need to 'teach the “hands-on” tactics for how to ... build a high-performance ML system' via

thebrianjoo 28 Jul 2013
Man, teach me your ways oh ~ Lol... You're a beast & I'm so happy I was at the games to see it happen in person. God is great!

nywattie 28 Jul 2013

MeloMichael 28 Jul 2013
teach me how to be you bro! Going to the movies with three girls.. what a G

blundell_alizah 28 Jul 2013
mom: so are you gonna teach me how to twitter and Instagram? Me: why your friends aren't on there? Mom: Kim kardashian is, she's my friend.

saudalzwaiml 28 Jul 2013
yeah somebody teach me how to say it .. 😉😊

B_strong07 28 Jul 2013
It takes a man to teach a man how to be a man

PeopleYouNeed 28 Jul 2013
Socially critical people, they will teach you how to critique the capitalist society.

killuh__ 28 Jul 2013
You're not invited over if your parents didn't teach you how to clean up after yourself

David_A_Davis 28 Jul 2013
Before we can teach anyone, we must first learn how to be taught by God.

VisionPoet 28 Jul 2013
How about we teach boys not to rape. how about we teach racists not to target black boys

CR3WS_wit_Me 28 Jul 2013
KeKe Palmer asks a Kappa to teach her how to shimmy and here comes other fraternities tryna compete smh. Just take that L yo! 😂😂😂😂😂

GatorPA_ 28 Jul 2013
: Yoo? Which Kappa can take the time out to teach me how to Shimmy? 😍” on behalf of every Alpha, my heart hurts right now. 😩

mojomanmachado 28 Jul 2013
Race and religion do nothing but teach you how to hate people you've never met.

NikkiWoods 28 Jul 2013
You TEACH people how to treat you!

Kris_Henry 28 Jul 2013
When I look back on all my years of schooling, the one thing I regret is that no one ever took the time to teach me how to Dougie

mike_petriello 28 Jul 2013
Vin, on Puig: "you know how hard it is to have a young child in the house, to teach them to not kill themselves, not set house on fire?"

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