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1st Grade Pumpkin Ideas & a Freebie
1st Grade Pumpkin Ideas & a Freebie | Erica's Ed-Ventures
That's great! Ruthie always tries to make people with the emoji things! Im gonna do this to someone!!
Informational Text Jenga: Grades 7-12
Informational Text Jenga game for any article | Grades 7-12
Use this free text features slideshow to teach your 3rd grade, 4th grade, or 5th grade students about 18 different text features. The slideshow gives the name of the text feature, a definition, and a visual example to help your students better understand the purpose of text features. Includes nonfiction text features like headings, table of contents, labels, captions, and more - great for an upper elementary classroom lesson.
(THEME OF A TEXT) Task cards, wall charts, flashcards, and more. These task cards are aligned to Common Core Standards RL.2 and RI.2. These review the most common themes in literature and the most common central ideas in informational texts.
Anchor Charts - Text Features
Nonfiction Text Features Anchor Chart
Poem of the Week K-2 curriculum
Teach a poem of the week and complete activities to help build reading fluency and word knowledge. Children love to read these weekly poems and yours will too! #poemoftheweek #poetryforkids #poetry #poemsforkids #readingfluency #teachingreading #earlyliteracy
Help your students to find their way towards meaningful, standards based learning in the first five minutes of class with this bellringer journal for grades 6-8 ELA. Each reading standard has six bellringers that progress in higher order thinking skill level. From www.readitwriteitlearnit.com
Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions - The Perfect Planet FREE
FREE!! The Perfect Planet Close Reading Passage, Text Dependent Questions & More! This leveled, differentiated passage is perfect for your science unit! FREEBIE by Kristine Nannini
text features project
Fiction Reading Centers | Graphic Organizers for Reading | Google Classroom FREE
Free Fiction activity sheets. These graphic organizers can be paired with any Nonfiction text! No Prep! Reading Comprehension | Comparing Texts | Point of View and Perspective
FREE Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Passage - Animals DIGITAL & PRINTABLE
FREE nonfiction reading comprehension passage, both digital and printable. This product is perfect for close reading, interventions, nonfiction text features. main idea, cause and effect, compare and contrast, key details, sequence, inferring vocabulary. Common Core
Figurative Language Mini Flipbook
Figurative language is one of my absolute favorite things to teach. It's so fun when students start to realize the secret meaning behind some of our common expressions and sayings. I like to introduce all types of figurative language to my students at the start of our unit. This little mini guide is the perfect tool to introduce your students to similes, metaphors, idioms, hyperbole, and more!
A Lesson on Integrating Text Evidence that my Secondary Students Loved | Teacher Off Duty
Want some ideas on how to teaching students how to integrate quotes and textual evidence in to writing?  I’ve got you. A couple weeks ago, Sam and I were given the task of creating a lesson plan to teach how to properly cite and analyze textual evidence (or integrate a quote into your paper), asContinue reading A Lesson on Integrating Text Evidence that my Secondary Students Loved
Short Mentor Texts and Sentences for Secondary Writing
Writing lessons and activities: use mentor texts in your middle and high school English class to provide exemplars that students can use to examine author craft. Check out the easy-to-use lessons in Room 213.
WAYSIDE SCHOOL A rap about text features...the cutest!
FREE Nonfiction Reading Response Menu
FREE Nonfiction Reading Menu by It Happened in 3rd | Teachers Pay Teachers
WritingFix: a Mentor Text Suggestion for Narrative & Memoir Writing
Reading Comprehension Bookmarks with Question Stems
These reading comprehension bookmarks are not only a great tool for students to use during independent reading time, but they are also an awesome resource to send home to parents. Parents will no longer wonder how they can support their students at home. They will learn what reading skills will help their students and the question stems on the back will help them ask their kids meaningful questions related to reading comprehension. #reading #comprehension #readingskills
Linguist Llama
Nobody’s Perfect [Picture: Background: 8-piece pie-style color split with alternating shades of blue. Foreground: Linguist Llama meme, a white llama facing forward, wearing a red scarf. Top text: “Tense? Moody? Irregular?” Bottom text: “You must be a verb”]
Your middle and high schoolers will LOVE the variety of fun-filled yet rigorous CCSS-aligned activities and handouts for the classic thriller, "The Monkey's Paw." Includes full text of story and detailed answer keys.
This is a great way for students to compare and contrast on something other than a piece of paper. These paper plates are thin, cheap, and large!
FREE Paired Passage and Questions
FREE Paired passages and text dependent questions extend students' reading comprehension and writing skills! This product is now compatible with Google Classroom as well as a traditional PDF document.Paired passages are playing a larger role than ever in today's elementary classroom.
The Textmapping Project- Using scrolls and textmapping to teach students to be strategic readers.
Reading Comprehension Skills Anchor Charts
There is so much that goes into teaching a student to comprehend. There are so many skills and strategies that we teach students to help them understand what they are reading... it can be overwhelming to keep up with them all at times. These ready to print reading anchor charts will help you clearly teach all the main points when it comes to key reading skills and strategies. #reading #comprehension #anchorcharts

sosadtoday 28 Aug 2014 shared via Twitter
teach me how to dougie and how to not send 50 texts in a row to the same person

amoebalovell 7 Jan 2016 shared via Twitter
Autocorrect almost changed my text saying teach me how to dougie to teach me how to douche

DosesofKim 10 Mar 2013 shared via Twitter
Teach me how to Dougie, text style.

Jakeclos3 18 Jun 2014 shared via Twitter
💗🙊🍁 I miss you 😭 you're one of prettiest girls I know, Mr. D and his rainbow cookies 😂 teach me how to dougie was our jam 😄 text me!

QuakerOats91 13 Jul 2013 shared via Twitter
The person whose text tone was "Teach me how to dougie" finally got off the train. Thank god.

Rocky_J_All_Day 16 Jul 2013
: @RockyJRogers I need to text teach me how to Dougie first

KaylaKumari 13 Jun 2013
"WILL YOU FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TEACH ME HOW TO DOUGIE?" - actual text just sent to me

loudbut_shy 20 May 2013
I know you not talking that teach me how to dougie text

DrWaxthat 3 May 2013
Woke up to a text of a bear saying teach me how to dougie

cnbosarge 7 Jan 2014
This is my old phone and i just got a text and it started playing "teach me how to dougie"....

AuntieAyla 1 Aug 2014
RT : @WhoIsBRASS teach me how to dougie || how bout I teach you how to respond to texts

deansmith7 3 Jun 2013
. I've just paid a black man $4000 to teach me how to dougie. Is that tax deductible? Text back.

makayla_pate 1 Apr 2014
Whenever text me.. her ringtone is "Teach Me How to Dougie" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

shoe_fean 20 May 2013
Mr. Brannocks text tone is teach me how to dougie. Hahahahaha

wherewebreathe 31 May 2013
Teach me how to dougie? Please also disregard any text messages I may have sent you after 10pm. Please and thanks.

Jaiden_Irven 17 May 2019
note to self: don’t text someone “teach me how to dougie” cuz it’ll probably autocorrect toteach me how to doggie” and....well...........ya.

jeffkellyRADIO 14 Sep 2018
**ADVANCE ONLINE VOTING**. Today's choices - "Teach Me How To Dougie", - "Glad You Came", or w/ - "Southside". To vote TEXT either - SWAG, GLAD or SOUTH to 975975. Winning song plays at 8:03am.

OliverHidWoh 13 Dec 2017
I'm still hyped about swinging the election for @GDouglasJones last night before he walked off stage to "teach me how to Dougie." Now it's time to text RESIST to 504-09 to save !

M2Esq 26 Apr 2017
Today's epic auto-correct fail: I typed: "Teach me how to dougie!" The actual text I sent? "Teach me how to douche!"

RyanMickRadio 8 Oct 2016
When you mean to text a co worker teach me how to dougie but auto correct changes it to teach me how to doggie......changes everything.

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