teach me how to dougie tagalog lyrics - Oclearyssparks

acceptancce 12 Aug 2014 shared via Twitter
teach me how to dougie (tagalog version) with lyrics.flv: via

justcuevas 25 Feb 2012 shared via Twitter
That tagalog version of "Teach Me How To Dougie" is disgusting. Heard it in a carwash shop earlier. 5 RTs & I will tweet the lyrics

pimpunkcruz 20 Dec 2011 shared via Twitter
My little brother sang his tagalog version of teach me how to dougie. I'm a proud sis, he composed the lyrics :D

Quenchyerthirst 9 Nov 2011 shared via Twitter
F*uck!!! Loser ng gumawa ng tagalog na "teach me how to dougie". Lyrics goes like "turuan mko nian, turuturuan mko nian". ?

BunBTrillOG 8 Nov 2011 shared via Twitter
I'm keeping it all the way trill. As a young overweight kid, Heavy D was a big inspiration to me. Helped teach me self-esteem. What a loss.

VictoriaS 8 Nov 2011
I tried to teach and Susie Essman how to brush their dogs' teeth, and this is what happened...

rohnjaymiller 8 Nov 2011
Right on: Content based marketing can teach you "How To Stop Looking Stupid on Sales Calls:"

sammyrhodes 8 Nov 2011
Please tell me someone makes modestly sexy pajamas that say Teach Me How to Duggar?

BieberInspireMe 8 Nov 2011
20) Ask Justin to teach you how to dougie. Then pretend you didn't get so you spend more time with him than the others.

scream2shay 8 Nov 2011
Flash Mob : Teach Me How To Dougie. 11/11/11 @ 11:11 . Wal-Mart 11729 Imperial Hwy, Norwalk, Ca 90650 . Come Live Not Ghetto

acarvin 8 Nov 2011
Cluetrain? RT : What book would use suggest a pre-service teacher read to best understand how to teach in 2011?

shelbiilaurenn 8 Nov 2011
“@IAM_PORCHEBERRY: nothing cute about teaching ur kids to curse, fight & recite rap songs.. Teach em how to pray, manners & to read.” !!!!!

OrrinHatch 8 Nov 2011
Reason #9 Medicaid Needs Reform: Consulting industries teach how to do financial planning around Medicaid’s long-term care offerings.

luucyward 8 Nov 2011
thats the sort of thing i love about you ronan. you teach me to never give&follow my dreams!thankyou<3<3

decorwithlaura 8 Nov 2011
Before I die I am determined to get Nialler to teach me how to play the guitar! I have one in the corner of my room!

real_JamesHolt 8 Nov 2011
Somebody teach me how to GAF

shanecorning 8 Nov 2011
I'd rather teach you how to roll correct, than to hurt folks trying to make minimum wage.

hemza3000 8 Nov 2011
Teach a lazy man how to fish and he'll do it later.

_Cutequotes_ 8 Nov 2011
so i guess you were just one of those people who was supposed to walk into my life, teach me a lesson then walk out.

Mr_AndrewHunt 8 Nov 2011
Teach me how to Duggar. Teach me. Teach me how to Duggar. All the babies love her. All the. All the babies love her. (Michelle Duggar)

EricaCanant 8 Nov 2011
Lord, continue to teach me how to better take care of my body.

heyitslaureen 8 Nov 2011
How does my dad except me to teach my sister how to parallel park when I don't even know how to.

KeenenWILL 8 Nov 2011
Somebody please teach me how to give a fuck.

themattgalloway 8 Nov 2011
Screw the Dougie -- I need someone to teach me how to Alex Wright.

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