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That's great! Ruthie always tries to make people with the emoji things! Im gonna do this to someone!!
Haunted By The Past
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Funny iphone message with emojis….. just another good reason i NEED a ipone. | best stuff
I have to do this
Best Text Ever
Best Text Ever
10 Totally Genius Emoji Conversations
9GAG - 10 Totally Genius Emoji Conversations
The amount of time she probably spent on that.
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Jokideo | Quick Eligibility Checks & Competitive Interest Rates
Designer Clothes, Shoes & Bags for Women | SSENSE
Awesome random textmessages :3 by crystabella on Polyvore featuring text, quotes, funny, words, pictures, phrase, saying, text messages, fillers and backgrounds
Funny texts
#emoji #fun #funny text messages Emoji fun!:) Emoji fun!:)
I need to remember those ...
That takes dedication, but I understand that they were trying to fall asleep, but it is funny.
Emoji fun!
I want a boyfriend who would do this for me(: creative text
Funny STUFFFFFF!!!!!!!!
Funniest conversation
Funny Texts Messages All The Single Ladies 30 New Ideas #funny #funnycomics #fun...
XD I would totally do this.

jessicayuwanto 28 Aug 2012 shared via Twitter

KentBottles 27 Aug 2012 shared via Twitter
2 books can teach how to embrace change

teachmy 27 Aug 2012 shared via Twitter
How To Teach Your The , 5 Easy Teaching Tips -

WorldVisionUSA 27 Aug 2012 shared via Twitter
On Sri Lanka: We give our financial resources, & they teach us how to be good global neighbors

speckyboy 27 Aug 2012 shared via Twitter
Coderise Will Teach Colombian Kids How to Code

habitulhomebody 27 Aug 2012
Teach yourself how to crochet with these links to helpful youtube videos.

onlinecourse 27 Aug 2012
How to Become an Online Teacher and Teach From Home -

KidsNoBorders 27 Aug 2012
Kids WIthout Borders Teach Me To Fish program supporting orphans in Viet Nam - via

StopItKey 27 Aug 2012
When The Teacher Yells At You <<<<<<< Who The Fuck You Talking To Bitch? Let Me Teach You Something! You Ever Suck A Dick? Well Here Ya Go!

d34ryx 27 Aug 2012
Asked @_lolaadelarosa if she could Teach me how to dougie& she said this. --->

MaeveMcDonough 27 Aug 2012
Hey heads up if you type "literally teach me how to dougie" into YouTube, it will yield promising results.

sammontgomery 27 Aug 2012
Thank god Bic decided to make pens for women. I've always found pens to be so masculine. And maybe now a man will teach me to write!

RachelnoswaD 27 Aug 2012
Seriously this photography homework <<< i know photos are significant teach me mow to take them

_AllThingsKayy 27 Aug 2012
I wish I had an older sister, or someone to help me, talk about boys and teach me how to do makeup properly..

fknyayaz 27 Aug 2012

lokrumwiede 27 Aug 2012
Someone please teach me how to read a bible.. Literally soooo confused!

utterlymolly 27 Aug 2012
"But I was gonna teach the children how to make corn husk dolls.."

marvelstaylena 27 Aug 2012
How many inches in a mile, what it takes to make you smile, teach ya not to treat me like a child, baby.

cindygallop 27 Aug 2012
Am puzzled by references to me as a 'sex educator'. I don't study sex academically. I don't teach sex ed. I just have it. And enjoy it. :)

mlinhart 27 Aug 2012
Teach:Now give me the opposite to this sentence,"Children in the dark make mistakes" Me:"Mistakes in the dark make children" Teach:"Get out"

alexisdenise_xo 27 Aug 2012
asians really cannot drive . to my future children, i promise i will teach you how to run the road 😏😘

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