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Violence Against Women
During the #COVID19 pandemic, risks of violence increase due to: ❗️ More time at home with abusers ❗️ Rising stress ❗️ Isolation from social support networks ❗️ Limited access to critical services #coronavirus
Violence Against Women
If you are experiencing violence during #COVID19: 🤝 Reach out to supportive family, friends or neighbours ☎️ Call a hotline or access information online if possible 🆘 Seek out local services for survivors #coronavirus
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How should I wash and dry clothes, towels and bed linen, if no one in my household is a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patient?
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Q: How should I wash fruit and vegetables in the time of #COVID19?
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Q: Can #COVID19 be spread through coins and banknotes? #coronavirus #KnowTheFacts
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Q: How can I grocery shop safely in the time of #COVID19? #Coronavirus #KnowtheFacts
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It is normal to feel fearful and anxious during this time. Talking about your feelings will lessen your distress. #MentalHealth #coronavirus #COVID19
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It is normal to feel fearful and anxious during this time. Talking about your feelings will lessen your distress. #MentalHealth #coronavirus #COVID19
FACT: #COVID19 IS NOT transmitted through houseflies
Talking about COVID-19
Talk to your children about #COVID19. It’s hard for them not to hear about it. Silence & secrets do not protect our children. Honesty & openness do. Think about how much they will understand. You know them best.
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Stay Positive and Healthy
For all older adults & people with underlying health conditions who have to #StayHome, don't forget to: - Be physically active & mentally positive - Be socially connected via phone calls or social media - Be informed by local health authorities & WHO
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For adults over 60 & people with underlying conditions, it is vital to: - Check for common symptoms - Keep your family/friends informed if you need assistance - Seek medical care immediately, if you have difficulty breathing. Call first, if possible.
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elizacollins1 May 19 shared via Twitter
Some early signs of good news out of South Korea: Patients who tested positive for coronavirus a second time didn't pass it on, opening possibility the results could be a fluke

Rntk____ Apr 17 shared via Twitter
2% of known recovered patients in South Korea have retested positive for coronavirus, according to the country's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention It is currently unclear why patients could be retesting positive and the phenomena is being reviewed by the government

InvestWisely5 Apr 18 shared via Twitter
Extremely concerning. Recovered patients are found to be testing positive again. In & the numbers are low though health officials are trying to solve why recovered coronavirus patients are positive.

MicroCapONews Apr 18 shared via Twitter
South Korea, recovered persons retesting positive has made not only the South Koreans to worry but also the entire world.

EastNYMNGMT Apr 8 shared via Twitter
Two people previously testing positive for coronavirus in South Korea recovered but during retesting were determined to be positive again We need to know if this is due to antibodies or reinfection ...

michael_stv12 Apr 20
The newest data regarding cured coronavirus patients retesting positive for COVID-19 is coming from South Korea. According to Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC), 163 cases of patients who successfully recovered from the virus tested positive again after cured

GaelMacD Apr 17
So one problem with this "immunity card" is that the NAS committee advising the WH Coronavirus Task Force said that they do not yet know whether immunity actually exists or for how long! There are survivors retesting positive in South Korea.

lennyruvaga Apr 9
South Korea's Director-General Jeong Eun-kyeong of The Korea Centre for Disease Control (KCDC) launches investigations into cases of Coronavirus patients retesting positive for Covid-19 after recovery.

modernhomesla Mar 14
In Guangdong, officials responsible 4 coronavirus response announced Feb. 25 14% of declared recoveries in province had later retested positive.👈 2 such cases have emerged in Japan + South Korea, tho Korean patient has been released from hospital after retesting neg 5X

ekctafc Mar 11
You are far from stupid Gareth, you obviously like numbers and what they mean. We are weeks behind either South Korea and Italy. Anither difference is test numbers, we might not be retesting at the same rate as these two, so have yet to pick up patients who are now negative.

I agree with that. South Korea and China/Asia have fever clinics where people can just go and be tested. This encourages people with very mild symptoms to get tested. It also inflates their numbers and retesting is required for many, b/c neg results, later got sick again.

two_plus_twins 22 Apr 2019
really? how about north korea testing their missiles again? he didn't make anyone safer. as soon as he ended the drills in south korea, north korea started retesting missles. trump refuses to accept it and says he trusts kim jung-un. really?

I can tell you that there are dozens and dozens of cases like this of which I am aware. Inconsistent standards, short supplies, inaccurate tests, and unclear procedures for retesting. Make America Great Again? How about: Make America Moderately More Like South Korea instead?

XeniaB16 Mar 4
How about sending a letter so CDC restores retesting data on their website? Are we afraid to admit that South Korea is able to perform more test than the US? On top of that, CDC has faulty kits?

Maybe Singapore and South Korea have it right. Mass testing, then retesting. Multiple labs doing tests for quick results (lesson from SARS).

Hindi nangyari sa atin. Nice. (Or kulang talaga sa testing/retesting?) Pero apparent ang pag-balloon sa Iran (reports downplayed), South Korea, and yes even Japan (there are also reports na downplayed or careful ang govt. sa dissemination ng info.) Tas now US, rest of Europe 🤔

two_plus_twins 22 Apr 2019
really? how about north korea testing their missiles again? he didn't make anyone safer. as soon as he ended the drills in south korea, north korea started retesting missles. trump refuses to accept it and says he trusts kim jung-un. really?

rhiannurban 22 Apr 2019
don’t mind me, just tweeting this for positive energy on my TL.

Koreandogs 22 Apr 2019
Namyangju Hwado-eup, Sudong-myeon, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants.

JoshuaShortWNDU 22 Apr 2019
What a day covering . My suit smells of polish sausages and barbecue. The scented crossroads of Dyngus and Solidarity Days. Judging by the recent follows from network journalism luminaries today, it was all worth it. South Bend, meet the word. World...South Bend.

wyffnews4 22 Apr 2019
Great news...Topgolf in Greenville will open its doors on Friday! This is the second South Carolina location. It will offer food, drinks, big screen TVs and private event spaces ⛳

BNONews 22 Apr 2019
South Korean firefighting helicopter accidentally crosses border into North Korea, returns without incident - Yonhap

NBCDFW 22 Apr 2019
Four years after a Georgia man nursed an injured hummingbird back to health, the bird returns every spring after its journey south.

ToyotaMotorCorp 22 Apr 2019
It’s all about glory on the gravel as heads to South America for a double-header, first , followed by . Bring it on! 👉

AFP 22 Apr 2019
Kim "will soon pay a visit to the Russian Federation at the invitation" of Putin, North Korea's official KCNA news service said

Global_Mil_Info 22 Apr 2019
A South Korean firefighting helicopter accidentally crossed into North Korea today, but it returned without any issues.

RichGas8 22 Apr 2019
We were told: Trump will wreck stock market (hitting record highs) He will ruin economy (never stronger) He will mishandle ISIS (totally destroyed) Trump will start a war in Korea (historic peace deal coming) And now we are told Trump will lose reelection? 🤔

ClemsonBaseball 22 Apr 2019
Congrats to former Tiger (2015-17), who was named South Atlantic League Player-of-the-Week! He was 11-for-25 (.440) with six doubles, a homer, four RBIs and four runs on the week. 👏 🐾

NewshubBreaking 22 Apr 2019
: Three people have been found alive after a private helicopter crashed near the Auckland Islands, south of NZ

nckhui 22 Apr 2019
It looks like we’ll see teachers from both North Carolina & South Carolina taking off from school on May 1 to protest lawmakers in their respective states.

RepJoeKennedy 22 Apr 2019
South Coast Rail will connect our Commonwealth and leverage the economic strengths of both Southeastern MA & the Greater Boston region. Big thanks to the leaders who have spent years fighting for this day.

IntelDoge 22 Apr 2019
A South Korean firefighting helicopter crossed over into North Korea accidentally, and returned to South Korea without incident. One AA missile could’ve started a war.

megery 22 Apr 2019
Mommy, for sure. But I am also positive he’s quite concerned about my compulsive need to collect his poop, and is just trying to figure out how to broach the issue.

Oracle 22 Apr 2019
Oracle placed as a top 5 company for our Environmental Pillar Score! Leading the way with our comprehensive policies, targets, and positive performance embedded into our . This is why we're on ! Read more:

hannahpwells 22 Apr 2019
since people are asking, i had to have an emergency C-Section due to the fact that my body was rejecting Gracie and my organs were starting to shut down. Gracie is doing just fine and is thriving and i’m finally starting to stabilize. please keep it up with the positive vibes. 💕

TxAppellateAtty 22 Apr 2019

literarypenny 22 Apr 2019
Yes! I’m so incredibly excited to be working with Sangu on her fantastic MG full of girls kicking ass and beautiful South Indian folklore!

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