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Violence Against Women
During the #COVID19 pandemic, risks of violence increase due to: ❗️ More time at home with abusers ❗️ Rising stress ❗️ Isolation from social support networks ❗️ Limited access to critical services #coronavirus
Violence Against Women
If you are experiencing violence during #COVID19: 🤝 Reach out to supportive family, friends or neighbours ☎️ Call a hotline or access information online if possible 🆘 Seek out local services for survivors #coronavirus
Clothes, towels and bed linen
How should I wash and dry clothes, towels and bed linen, if no one in my household is a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patient?
Fruit and Vegetables
Q: How should I wash fruit and vegetables in the time of #COVID19?
Coins and banknotes
Q: Can #COVID19 be spread through coins and banknotes? #coronavirus #KnowTheFacts
Grocery shopping
Q: How can I grocery shop safely in the time of #COVID19? #Coronavirus #KnowtheFacts
Frontline COVID-19 Responders
It is normal to feel fearful and anxious during this time. Talking about your feelings will lessen your distress. #MentalHealth #coronavirus #COVID19
Children and Older Adults
It is normal to feel fearful and anxious during this time. Talking about your feelings will lessen your distress. #MentalHealth #coronavirus #COVID19
FACT: #COVID19 IS NOT transmitted through houseflies
Talking about COVID-19
Talk to your children about #COVID19. It’s hard for them not to hear about it. Silence & secrets do not protect our children. Honesty & openness do. Think about how much they will understand. You know them best.
Keep calm and manage stress
Crowded and messy home? Kids crying? Teenagers screaming? Back-to-back online meetings? Take a deep breath. Take a break. Do something for yourself. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your children
Keeping it positive
Praise is powerful. Try praising your child or teenager for something they have done well. And do it in a genuine way. They may not show it, but you’ll see them doing that good thing again.
Catch bad behavior
Catch bad behaviour early and redirect your kids' attention from a bad to a good behaviour. Clear, positive instructions get us the behaviour that we want. Swap ‘don’t make a mess’ for ‘please put away your pens’
Structure up
Exercise helps kids with a lot of energy (and adults) to de-stress when we #StayAtHome. Let your child choose the music and have a 10-minute dance! You might even impress them with your moves!
One-on-One Time
Try taking 20 minutes doing something the kids choose – like playing a game or reading - together with them. No phone or TV so you can focus on them. Quality time will make them feel safe and loved.
Stay Positive and Healthy
For all older adults & people with underlying health conditions who have to #StayHome, don't forget to: - Be physically active & mentally positive - Be socially connected via phone calls or social media - Be informed by local health authorities & WHO
When to seek medical care
For adults over 60 & people with underlying conditions, it is vital to: - Check for common symptoms - Keep your family/friends informed if you need assistance - Seek medical care immediately, if you have difficulty breathing. Call first, if possible.
Keep your distance
For those over 60 & people with underlying health conditions, keeping your physical distance is advised. - Stay at least 1 meter away from others - Decline visits during the #COVID19 outbreak - Alternatively, socialize by phone everyday with friends or family

motbilder May 22 shared via Twitter

LLH713 May 18 shared via Twitter
South Koreans do not hug and touch like people in other countries. They also already wear masks and gloves everywhere. However, they are now seeing second wave due to the failure if contact tracing

GabeMusen May 18 shared via Twitter
Please look at the strengths and weaknesses of S. Korea's response. Look at how their aggressive prevention helped save lives, but also how reopening has caused new surges.

elizacollins1 May 19 shared via Twitter
Some early signs of good news out of South Korea: Patients who tested positive for coronavirus a second time didn't pass it on, opening possibility the results could be a fluke

MaajidNawaz May 17 shared via Twitter
...we now know catching the virus is highly unlikely to kill people under 70 with no other conditions. We also know immunity likely occurs. This is why Sweden &South Korea (neither of which had a national lockdown) haven’t just dropped dead over Spring (£)

jeffgiesea May 18
This Politico article looks at South Korea's coronavirus successes. Hard to pinpoint it to one thing, but the country's experience with SARS certainly helped.

csports9000 May 17
Hey Justin South Korea reported its first case the same day as America and look at how many people have died, hint a tiny fraction of what America has and will have. Take a look at what a good government response is.

TerribleT220 May 20
I think it will be twice as bad bec it's too soon to open based on what other much smaller countries in relation to us, like S. Korea. What’s fueling South Korea’s coronavirus success — and relapse via

arguekog May 22
PS: You didn’t understand when I said mass testing is not panacea. A person may maybe tested negative today, but next day might be tested positive. Case in point Sen. Angara. Sample:

AdamLeBlancMA May 18
South Korea has been able to hold off a large surge so far by being prepared. They’ve used targeted testing and contact tracing. Does ANYONE really think America is prepared to do any of that??

TigerMudra May 24
South Korea: Patients who retested positive did not relapse - Business Insider

COVID-19 relapse or reinfection? The mysterious case of Shilan Garousi, seemingly hit twice by coronavirus. South Korea, hit early with the coronavirus, has reported numerous recurrences in patients thought to have recovered from COVID-19.

arnold5508 May 18
But the country’s infectious-disease experts said on Thursday that the tests were detecting dead fragments of the virus left in patients’ bodies - what does it mean ? What would be the effect of such fragments if stay for long on the body ?

South Korea has a major blip right now with the 100 cases caused by a gay night clubber. Many people who had contact do not want to come in for testing because they are in the closet. But on the whole its going well for them.

cmadmax May 17
But for Trump’s mishandling pandemic, pretending like a 4yo it would go away, many would be alive. Compare to South Korea being serious, providing leadership.

erwinloh May 18
sees no risk from cases: South Korean health authorities said Monday they will lift measures for patients who retested positive for the new , as they did not find any…

romerojo7 May 17
How do they know they are new infections & not dead virus tests are detecting?Do more tests! CV symptoms are mild,even untested people who get it recover at home w/out needing hospitalization except for elderly & immunocompromised who die from it.

michaelwhill2 May 20
It seems anyone infected will develop immunity, the question is how long. It seems those testing positive after infection may be caused by dead virus particles that are no longer contagious or causing illness in the carrier.

What’s fueling South Korea’s coronavirus success — and relapse via

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