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lizziejohnsonnn 23 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
Here’s some photos from the . Marin County FD Chief is telling me that Sonoma County has requested their incident management team - used when a fire overwhelms local resources.

CropMobster May 21 shared via Twitter
RESOURCE: Disposable Face Masks for Agricultural Industry Workers | Sonoma County Ag Department via

CaltransHQ 26 Dec 2017 shared via Twitter
155: Helping with Native American Cultural Site Preservation. Learn how Caltrans District 4 Cultural Resources specialists worked closely with Kashaya-Pomo leaders in Sonoma County to preserve the tribe’s ancestral land and heritage.

Cal_OES 29 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
Latest fire map of the in Sonoma County. For more info on resources available visit:

ai6yrham 26 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
Handy resource showing status in county here. is at 35.10 and rising as of 9:32pm 2/26/19 - crest expected tomorrow:

DoreenBogdan 1 May 2019
Did you know that more than a quarter of US households do not have a computer with an Internet connection? Great to learn about the work of county libraries to bring and vast resources to local communities.

GivingCompass 28 Oct 2019
The has forced thousands of people to evacuate in Sonoma county, and Governor Newsom has declared a statewide emergency. has curated a list of relief and recovery funds and resources for looking to help.

LRMTeamInc May 18

SandraFluke 9 Oct 2017
Please share widely: Critical resources for everyone affected by the Sonoma County, Napa Valley,

LondonBreed Feb 19
San Francisco is a sanctuary city. With the reports of ICE activity in Sonoma County, we encourage residents to call the SF Rapid Response Network (415-200-1548) to report any ICE activity, and to visit for information and resources.

NorCalGrant 27 Oct 2019
Looking for how to help with relief and recovery? We're continuing to update our list of vetted wildfire funds, resources for funders, and ways NCG can support your engagement as the continues to affect Sonoma County

NLIHC 27 Nov 2018
TODAY, 11amET/8amPT: Tune into Sonoma County’s Morning News with Pat Kerrigan to hear share resources can use to improve its current & future disaster housing recovery plans. It's Time for Congress to Act .

NorCalGrant 25 Oct 2019
The is still burning in Sonoma County, with Latino immigrants and farm workers being most impacted. NCG is fully operational and will be updating this page with the latest information and resources on how to respond to the wildfire aftermath:

CaltransHQ 27 Oct 2019

marincountyfire 25 Oct 2019
The smoke that has moved into Marin County is from the Sonoma County Kincade Fire. Please do not call 911 unless you actually see a fire or visual building colum of smoke where fire department resources are not already at scene. Thank you

ModestoFire 22 Oct 2017
All MFD resources are home safe from strike team assignments in Sonoma County.

SantaRosaPolice 1 Oct 2018
October is . You're not alone, help is available. Learn more about the resources available to survivors of domestic violence in Sonoma County here:

amylieberfarb 18 Jun 2014
Safe Kids Sonoma County is a coalition that helps connect parents/caregivers w/ safety resources:

CountyofSonoma 23 Jul 2018
See you there! We need your input on how to ensure the safety, livelihoods, and economic prosperity for Sonoma County residents. Come share your ideas on preparedness, infrastructure, housing, economy, natural resources, and safety net. Learn more:

KQED 3 Nov 2019
Here's a list of tips and updated community resources for animals impacted by the in Sonoma County.

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