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labourstart 20 Mar 2013 shared via Twitter
USA: Changes to exempt employees' pay upset Sonoma County SEIU [Press Democrat]

gmeline Mar 17 shared via Twitter
A: The Sonoma County list of Essential Business includes: "...dairies, creameries, wineries and breweries" They're exempt from the order.

JackiBelles Apr 28 shared via Twitter
I’m speaking up and fighting. In California it’s dangerous. Almost got thrown out of a grocery for not suffocating in a mask (I have asthma and exempt from the Sonoma County public health order). Grown woman tattled on me literally to store manager. Said can’t shop without one.

KerryLoewen Mar 17 shared via Twitter
The Sonoma County order is clarified with their FAQ showing Higher Ed is exempt

ARIDIAN53816546 28 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
So they were intentionally set? Cali is literally making a human sacrifice of its middle class! Did Bohemian Grove lose power or is Sonoma county exempt?

MGTCandidates 2 Jan 2018
Medical Director - Santa Rosa, CA, , USA Rosa pls RT: Sonoma County Indian Health Project, Inc. Is currently seeking a full-time Medical Director to become a part of our patient centered medical home team Status: Exempt Worksite: Santa Rosa,…

AssistMyCase 25 Apr 2017
First District Holds Sonoma County Vineyard Development (VESCO) Permit was Ministerial Approval Exempt from CEQA:…

sonomabuzz 10 Jun 2011
Sonoma County Non-profit organizations listed by IRS as no longer tax exempt

sonomabuzz 10 Jun 2011
NOT Non-profits any more IRS list - Over 325 in Sonoma County no longer tax exempt.

eatersf 9 Jun 2011
Sonoma is getting a fancy new winery. Get up on this! via

41actionnews 9 Jun 2011
TORNADO WARNING in effect until 645PM for GRUNDY COUNTY and LIVINGSTON COUNTY in North Central Missouri

wbir 9 Jun 2011
A Knoxville Police K9 was shot and killed by Campbell County deputies Thursday after it left its kennel in a storm and attacked a woman.

ariashe 9 Jun 2011
No word on expired warnings, but new severe thunderstorm warning for Carroll County and Frederick County until 8:15pm.

jaxndems 9 Jun 2011
Jackson County RECALL RICK SNYDER - Petitions available to sign at Jackson County Dems office 500 W Mich Ave info at

tucsondotcom 9 Jun 2011
Susie Bright takes on The Loft Cinema! Her talk is free free free (thank you, Pima County Public Library), so get...

GoKCRoyals 9 Jun 2011
Welcome to the big leagues, Moose. This is my town, but you can have Johnson County.

GustavoArellano 9 Jun 2011
What Does the Orange County Board of Supervisors Have Against Spanish and Latinos? Update to my story of yesterday...

LA_Sparks 9 Jun 2011
Sparks will welcome the Children's Trust Fund of LA County tomorrow as part of our new Community Spotlight Series! Video:

journalsentinel 9 Jun 2011
Abele makes it official: he's killing the $700,000 Milwaukee County Courthouse art project

severestudios 9 Jun 2011
Tornado Warning for Harvey and Sedgwick County in KS until 7:30pm CDT.

ndhapple 9 Jun 2011
HT - Rep. Wayne Christian has refiled his amendment to take the Public Integrity Unit from the Travis County D/A

ABC7News 9 Jun 2011
The Fairfax County school board is taking up the controversial no-tolerance policy

LegeLand 9 Jun 2011
GOPer wants Public Integrity Unit away from Travis Co. Attorney (as Travis County prosecutes one of his staff)

Huskerbubble 9 Jun 2011
Yikes! I feel lucky I have power. RT : 3,000 in Greenville County without power following storm

livewxradar 9 Jun 2011

WJFW12 9 Jun 2011
Delta Airlines announces it's departure from the Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport.

ScottOgilvieSTL 9 Jun 2011
The mayor of Shrewsbury also wants to see a MetroLink stop at Chippewa & River Des Peres, possibly instead of South County Connector

KrisKetzKMBC 9 Jun 2011
LIVE VIDEO: NewsChopper 9 HD tracks storms in Livingston County, MO

BradNitzWSB 9 Jun 2011
Severe Thunderstorm Warning to 8:00 PM for Douglas County.

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