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AGruendl 1 Feb 2018 shared via Twitter
I use for something similar but I don't think it has the option to reconcile bank statements/balance a checkbook that quicken does.

LVGully 11 Jun 2009 shared via Twitter
RT : Quicken Online is an amazing free money management tool and has really been helping me balance my budget. Just sayin'.

Beaker 7 Feb 2010 shared via Twitter
RT : CA Govt. Looking For Your IT Ideas http://bit.ly/byQX8L << should try Quicken Online to balance the state's checkbook ;)

Tialin 7 Mar 2019 shared via Twitter
I used to use Quicken. Now I don’t write checks, just use cash. I don’t even bother to balance ch ckbook now, only use it for online ordering & a couple of bills. My life is very simple these days.

TDBank_US 31 May 2018 shared via Twitter
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience, Mike. We do not have an ETA at this time. If you use Quicken Desktop you may manually upload transactions and balance information by exporting the file from TD Online Banking. ^DB

Bradley_C_001 Mar 12
The ONLINE balance for my CC in Quicken is 170.21; The CORRECT ONLINE balance for my CC on the bank website is 197.32. ALL posted transactions downloaded. Quicken online balance is OFF by the amount of the two downloaded transactions. And no, it's NOT a bank issue.

ChristinePilch 3 Jul 2009
With online banking & Quicken, does anybody balance their checkbook anymore? Heck, I don't even download my statements anymore.

davidanaxagoras 6 Mar 2010
Thanks, Chase, for making sure pending transactions are included in my downloaded balance so I can never reconcile in Quicken w/o manual dl.

stackexchange_ 2 Nov 2009
StackExchange: Quicken 2008 Online Balance vs. Ending Balance? - http://stackexchangesites.com/MR

m_hughes 27 Feb 2009
I'm such a personal finance whore. Quicken Online is ok. Only thing new is the predictive balance feature but it's already failed.

JamiGibbs 24 Dec 2008
My Quicken balance and my online balance are off by 5 cents! Making. Me. Insane.

rescue_monkey 29 Jan 2009
I wish Quicken online would fix their problem so I can balance my checking account :(

patelc75 1 Nov 2008
i'm sick and tired of online balance not matching the running balance in quicken... damn, that was a geek tweet for a sat night

portorikan 13 Oct 2008
ooo, the quicken online mobile site is awesome. I think I like this... I might let the wife use this. She's into the online balance thing.

baconner 30 Jan 2009
For the record, quicken online mobile isnt impressive either. I don't want to see my bank balance I WS t to see a goal dashboard!

AndyW5352 Feb 29
All's well. Getting ready to do my taxes. I updated my Quicken software, but when I did, it didn't reconcile my statements and made it look like we had a checking balance of -$110k. I've been going through 9 yrs of statements to get it corrected. Taking a break atm. How are U

germars477 18 Oct 2019
I'm not the only one who is happy that you reinstated the downloads to Quicken on your site, however it isn't work quite right yet. It downloads a balance as a + when Quicken treats it as a -, so I can't reconcile. I was told it was Quicken's fault. ☹️

bboulware 3 Apr 2019
Dividends increase the cash balance, the next day shares are bought / reinvested and not subtracted. It works properly on the Windows version but not the Mac version. I had to do balance adjustments at the end of the month to reconcile with statements.

KeyWestLife8 8 Mar 2019
Use Quicken for acct mgmt ,shows pos online balance. Check my BBt balance online, shows neg balance. Deposit the neg amount balance via another acct. Call BBt to explain and ask for a refund on overdraft fees, BBt says they CANNOT help! +$300 taken by BBt.

lifeofzin 26 Dec 2017
- Does your app support savings goals? This is a Quicken feature where the funds remain in my account but are hidden from my available balance. The reconcile process is smart enough to include these funds when reconciling to the bank balance.

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