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InfidelityOf 12 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter
it is Our intention to go my husband listens to the videos of Samuel's all the time we just don't have the means right now we lost everything his job our home and I got diagnosed with ovarian cancer within a two-week period

Joleen_Sirk 2 Mar 2013 shared via Twitter
Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Recovery Period

intothefoldmag Apr 20 shared via Twitter
shares her experience of having an ovarian cystectomy, and the importance of recognising when ‘normal’ isn’t normal in relation to period pain.

howmuchgay Apr 7 shared via Twitter
A hemorrhagic ovarian cyst. I stood up then blacked out from the pain. Closely followed by years of adenomyosis where every period lasted 3 weeks and I often /almost/ blacked out/threw up from the pain. My hysterectomy recovery doesn't even register on my pain scale.

zue_senpai Apr 5 shared via Twitter
Saya pun mengalami simptom yg serupa tp kanan + setiap kali sebelum & selepas period, senggugut teruk sejak 2017, diagnosed ovarian cysts belah kanan & selamat menjalani pembedahan tahun lepas melalui cara cystectomy.

"If I had a pound for the number of times that I’d been told that period pain is just ‘a woman’s lot’ I’d be writing this on (one of my many) yachts." shares her experience of having an ovarian cystectomy, and when period pain isn't normal

miakiza20100906 3 Nov 2019
要旨より引用》 … For most tumors, it is generally advised not to conceive within 2 years of diagnosis, to allow adequate recovery of ovarian function and to bypass the period during which the risk of recurrence is relatively higher.

IDACA_USA 7 Aug 2019
Reasons why breastfeeding is beneficial for moms: - Easier and faster recovery after childbirth. - Reduces rates of breast and ovarian cancer. - Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and cardiovascular disease. - Delays the return of the menstrual period.

NeyeHenrietta 22 Nov 2018
Nursing mothers: promotes recovery and lactation People with joint issues, arthritis, rheumatism..etc Stroke patients Cervical/Lumbar spondylosis patients People with hormonal imbalance People with Painful periods Breast Problems Ovarian Problems Irregular Menstruation

ZulieRahim 21 Jun 2018
Sama cam saya, cuma saya punya tetiba pecah and masa tu baru tahu ada ovarian cyst. But in my case jarang sangat period pain. Anyhow, I feel you sister, get a good rest and have a speedy recovery 😘

KihomiKimura 7 Nov 2012
Laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy and late periods?

superjaxster 16 Dec 2010
Looking for ways to help my mom stay positive through her recovery period and chemo. She has Stg 1 Ovarian Cancer.

Ltothe3rdPower 1 Aug 2009
having an ovarian cyst rupture is not fun...nor is the recovery period.

jaketapper 31 Jul 2009
Recovery.gov says less than $80 billion has been paid out so far, with almost $200 billion committed to projects etc

usnews 31 Jul 2009
Economic Recovery Taking Shape? George 'W' Shape Would Be Fitting http://tr.im/uZgB

khayadlanga 31 Jul 2009
Ok, I should put this down and sleep already. If you love history read Team of Rivals, heck, if you like to learn period.

IdeaGov 31 Jul 2009
If you believe it you can do it. Period. Whatever "it" is. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just yet another bump in the road.

realestate56 31 Jul 2009
Survey: Real estate recovery in '09 unlikely - Bizjournals.com: Survey: Real estate recovery in '09 unli.. http://bit.ly/14kdop

lovemobileapps 31 Jul 2009
Password Recovery Tools for Windows http://bit.ly/bQ2co password recovery tools

twoofnews 31 Jul 2009
AVMA News Bytes: 'Suicide' Genes Help Slow Ovarian Tumor Growth in Mice : Y.. http://bit.ly/382ceO

part_time_jobs_ 31 Jul 2009

ETIntlBusiness 31 Jul 2009
'Shadow' inventory lurks over US housing recovery: The storm may have... http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/4844144.cms

ETEconomyNews 31 Jul 2009
Oil jumps 5 pc on US recovery hopes: Oil jumped more than 5% to near $67 a... http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/4844102.cms

usmexico 31 Jul 2009
Mexico stocks gain as US data spurs recovery hopes - Reuters: Mexico stocks gain as US data spurs recovery hopes.. http://bit.ly/v3pF2

MarcosWitt 31 Jul 2009
Believing with you for COMPLETE recovery! I love Press Play.

TxDOT 31 Jul 2009
Commission approves toll violation recovery program. Tolls to be paid but percentage of fees to be waived. http://tinyurl.com/mskjaz

libbyshope 31 Jul 2009
An OB/GYN w/breast cancer at 45 & ovarian cancer at 47 inspires her patients. http://short.to/lcmq

libbyshope 31 Jul 2009
A nurse & 1-year ovarian cancer survivor says "Don't ignore the warning signs." http://snipr.com/ofi0l

DemGovs 31 Jul 2009
LA: Whiplash Alert! Gov. Jindal takes billions in recovery funding but refuses to give Obama credit. http://sn.im/ofa58 (via )

DerBlaueMond 31 Jul 2009
Slow economy recovery expected in the US: unemployment will continue to rise and housing prices are far from recovery http://bit.ly/JzEvI

Bligg 31 Jul 2009
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NCRealtyInc 31 Jul 2009
In Florida, Housing Recovery Still Looks Distant: There was some hope of a recovery in certain U.S. housing mark.. http://bit.ly/G0ICa

airfarewatchdog 31 Jul 2009
Los Angeles/Mexico City $205 rt incl. tax, long travel period. Equally amazing. http://tinyurl.com/nkj9sz

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