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SnarkDivine 6 Jan 2019 shared via Twitter
Apparently I've been carrying around 4 sets of nail clippers for months. And an entire Office Depot worth of pens. Seven hair ties. My backpack shouldn't be able to hold this much stuff. High Sierra may have accidentally sold me a TARDIS.

AceyBongos 5 May 2010 shared via Twitter
In other news, was just in the same office as Jedward. Made me wish I had my Halo Reach hair clippers with me.

bostonherald 15 Jul 2009 shared via Twitter
Close shave as nose hair clipper prompts post office scare: A buzzing nose hair clipper wrapped in a package add..

Schultz975 21 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
I have no idea how it is now, but we had a referee come into our locker room before each match to check our fingernails and hair length. Our coach kept an electric razor and nail clippers in his office in case anyone didn’t get approval.

mirza9 6 Feb 2018 shared via Twitter
haha well, I've been on the #1 clippers regiment for at least two years now, can't see myself turning back. I think it would be too big a shock for my son who thinks "your hair dropped at the office". Why ruin that for him?

CozyLen_Music 28 Dec 2017

wjz 10 May 2018
JAIL ATTACK: The sheriff's office is investigating after one inmate allegedly attacked another with hair clippers.

ChaseMit 4 Oct 2012
Romney strides into his campaign office. "This calls for a celebration! Bring me my hair clippers and my gayest-looking intern."

fegrig 20 Jun 2009
get your own set of clippers or if you want I'll bring mine and cut your hair in the office?

JerryTravlos 9 May 2018
Mr. B and I are growing our hair out in preparation for our NWEA MAP challenge. 80% I think it can be done! The Office Staff is fighting over who will bring the clippers.

ocabj 29 Mar 2010
Again with the damn nail clipping in the office. This isn't a salon. If it were, I'd bring my clippers to work and cut hair here.

Joe_Liebman 13 Jan 2009
i have a buzz my hair impulse. can't because i never brought the clippers back from the office after the great james woods hair drama of '08

iamthemonkey 29 May 2009
A monkey in the office? Did it have hair clippers?

yo_itsb 7 Dec 2018
My boss’ boss was in the office today. I was bs’ing with him n he told me he only has one testicle. Then he told me why he only has one. and THEN he said “Whelp, you’ve learned enough about me today. Who wants a haircut?” Took out a clippers and cut my coworkers hair. Lol whaaat?

CensorMyTweets 29 Aug 2016
Let anyone cut my child's hair at an assembly. I will deadass bring clippers to the school and shave you in your office/classroom. Try me.

I remember taking my clippers to school and cutting hair in the deans office Mr.kings on lunch break

BikeSafeBoston 18 Dec 2015
oh yeah! It’s called Clipper Hair Styling, and it’s on the Oliver St side of 1 Post Office Sq

andysaiker 14 Oct 2015
Bad day at the office when your hair clippers run out of battery halfway through shaving your head in the morning. Balls!

lonicolegoodson 7 Aug 2015
@Sarynaaceee Office Depot box cutter or nail clippers are always my weapon of choice, I feel ya

abarrios528 29 Mar 2015

AmongMenMag 10 Sep 2014
Today at the office? We are testing out 's Even Cut Hair Clippers!

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