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Michelle Obama's 'Becoming' Netflix documentary gets a trailer that will probably make you cry
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Marc Jacobs Fall 2017 Inspiration for Marc Jacobs' Fall 2017 collection was real people, or to be more exact, the Netflix documentary, "Hip-Hop Evolution," a four-part series that "chronicles the poignant and pivotal cultural movement that reshaped and redefined the landscape of music, which gave way to a whole new language of style,". The collection itself was typical Jacobs, and densely referential, with witty nods to throwback gangster rap and plays on kitschy retro seventies tropes.
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PBS Nova Documentary Collection - YouTube

margravity May 14 shared via Twitter
watch pbs nova documentaries on Netflix

TylerTrusk 26 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter
I’ve been watching all these Nova documentaries on Netflix and they’re so interesting

MadAtConvents 24 Jul 2019 shared via Twitter
I love Nova documentaries. Check out "Megatomb" on Netflix. Just frickin' amazing.

jacobgaboury 13 Jan 2009 shared via Twitter
Just found Nova documentaries streaming on Netflix. So fucking good.

seewhatsnext Mar 31 shared via Twitter
. co-directed this urgent documentary on Indigenous and African Nova Scotian women fighting to protect their communities, their land, and their futures There's Something in the Water is now on Netflix

mart3ll 9 Aug 2014
Tonight I'm alone to let my hair down and do what any other guy does when their wife is away - binge watch Nova documentaries on Netflix.

Gabino_Iglesias 7 Jul 2019
There are new NOVA documentaries on Netflix. Movies can wait.

ginasaysthis 4 Mar 2012
@ceciroomen it's one of those nova science documentaries on Netflix. It's called Can We Live Forever?

justyyohan 7 Aug 2019
A lot of the nova documentaries on netflix are quick and interesting to watch. Right now im watching secrets of the shining knight

cece_cameronx 18 Mar 2017
Loving the Nova documentaries on Netflix 🤓🤓🤓🤓

ynkeesnum1fan 22 Jul 2013
The NOVA documentaries on Netflix are really good

MikeBatesTWIBH 6 Oct 2013
Oh, EACH cell is 6 ft. I misread that. Mind similarly blown, now I'm going to go watch Nova documentaries on Netflix.

Iron_Spike 3 May 2018
Oh shit, “Monkey Life” is on Netflix. It’s good stuff, folks, a documentary series about the behind-the-scenes work at a UK monkey and ape park/refuge. Back in the days of UK Nova, I watched for new seasons like a hawk.

akaD3V 24 Jul 2019
PBS Nova documentaries on Netflix... thank me later 🙏🏼🖤 INSANE STUFF.

Gabino_Iglesias 12 Mar 2017
Sorry, but these new NOVA documentaries on Netflix mean the movies on my list have to wait a bit.

faith_schaffer 1 Aug 2019
It's a pretty interesting NOVA documentary! Secrets of the Shining Knight, it's on Netflix : )

jereichwrites 1 Jun 2014
NOVA documentaries on Netflix are just my dish on the side.

NicoleBarbaro 1 Sep 2019
Came across this documentary on Netflix by PBS Nova, “Prediction: By the Numbers”. Would be great for UG psych courses . Covers probability theory, prediction, error, p-values and p-hacking, sampling, and more using real world examples

Aravishiva May 20
What I enjoy the most on Netflix these days? Documentaries! Just finished Our Planet and started Nova:Blackhole apocalypse. 🙏

HussardTailleur 10 Aug 2019
To whoever is putting all of the PBS Nova documentaries on Netflix: you are cool as hell and very much loved.

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