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How Profit and Incompetence Delayed N95 Masks While… — ProPublica
Which mask offers the best protection from COVID-19, a surgical mask or cloth mask? The answer: an N95 mask. Well, that wasn’t fair. An N95 mask, which filters 95 percent of particles, is not recommended for public use by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because these masks are...
In the early days of the pandemic, the U.S. government turned down an offer to manufacture millions of N95 masks in America
In early days of pandemic, U.S. turned down offer to manufacture millions of N95 masks in America
10 nurses were suspended from a California hospital for refusing to treat coronavirus patients without N95 masks
A nurse without an N95 mask raced in to treat a 'code blue' patient. She died 14 days later — Los Angeles Times
A nurse without an N95 mask raced in to treat a “code blue” patient. She died 14 days later.
Mask Alternative » Department of Anesthesiology » College of Medicine » University of Florida
Alternative N95 Mask Production » Department of Anesthesiology » College of Medicine » University of Florida
U.S. Turned Down Offer To Manufacture Millions Of N95 Masks As Coronavirus Spread | HuffPost
Sandra Bullock donates 6,000 N95 masks to L.A. healthcare workers
Sandra Bullock donates 6,000 N95 masks to L.A. healthcare workers
Emergency N95 Mask Decontamination Protocols University of Nebraska Medical Center, Stanford Medicine, and Duke University have each established protocols for the decontamination and reuse of N95 masks. ​ N95 mask decontamination is inexpensive and easy to achieve with equipment readily available to most medical professionals. There is no reason healthcare providers, first responders, and others cannot have the N95 masks essential to their protection on the job.
How to make your own coronavirus face mask
Online DIY tutorials detail method for using pillowcase or T-shirt to create protection | Daily Mail Online
Nurses suspended for refusing to treat patients without N95 masks
You Choose Face Mask Print Design with Filter Pockets, reusable, washable YOU PICK the DESIGN.
This order is for one "YOU PICK THE DESIGN" Custom print Face Mask with Filter Pocket.UPLOAD YOUR DESIGN VIA EMAIL. MAKE SURE IT'S HIGH RESOLUTION. GET PERSONALIZED FACE MASK & help stop the spread.This is not an FDA-approved N95 mask but is intended to be a better-fitting alternative. My mask when used with the filters Included with your order filter particles 2x to 3x better than just using the regular cotton fabric.Reusable and washable. Please use with a Filter at all times.Care: Machine was
Gov. Andrew Cuomo took time out of his coronavirus briefing on Friday to commend a Kansas farmer who sent a single N95 mask to New York to be given to a medical worker.
A Million N95 Masks Are Coming From China—on Board the New England Patriots’ Plane — The Wall Street Journal
1.2 million N95 masks coming from China to Massachusetts (300,000 of them will go on to New York). 0.5 million still to come.
Nurse tells Trump she has been using the same N95 mask for a few WEEKS
Nurse tells Trump she has been using the same N95 mask for a few WEEKS
A.B. Mask - for a Nurse by a Nurse
A.B. Mask - for a Nurse by a Nurse : 15 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables
www.Bargainbrute.com has a huge supply of N95 masks listed on...
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The New England Journal of Medicine has begun a new series called “Covid-19 Notes,” which is focusing on the innovative responses to the dealing with the coronavirus. On Friday, the journal published a letter about acquiring N95 masks written by Dr....
Feds distribute 200K N95 masks seized from coronavirus hoarder
These Engineers Just Solved the Biggest Problem with N95 Masks — Popular Mechanics
These Engineers Just Solved the Biggest Problem with N95 Masks

nowthisnews Apr 20 shared via Twitter
Amid a shortage of N95 masks, the Trump admin has awarded a $55M mask production contract to Panthera Worldwide LLC, a company that has not had any employees since May 2018, and has no history of manufacturing or procuring medical equipment, the Washington Post reported.

mekkaokereke Mar 14 shared via Twitter
I know some pretty smart election security folks. Of the way too many scary and real threat vectors that exist, "Provide N95 Masks" isn't one of them. Saving lives by providing N95 masks, tests, and ventilators, would be the most unnecessary Rube Goldbergian step in history.

PremierScottMoe Apr 3 shared via Twitter
The residents of our countries self-isolate, our nations must not Very disappointed with reckless direction given by the Trump administration for 3M to cease shipping N95 masks to 🇨🇦 This decision is a betrayal of our nations' shared history of working together in times of need

abbasi234 Mar 25 shared via Twitter
PPP has history of stealing aid in crisis In 2010 they stole the necklace from flood aid and now stole the N95 masks.

44616e6e79 May 20 shared via Twitter
I do suppose you’ll tell me next that 3M was manufacturing N95 masks during the Spanish Flu too? Because they all were told to wear masks. Now here’s a link from the history channels website. Isn’t science but

ErinSchrode 16 Nov 2018
Every other driver on the road wore a mask in their car, crossing guards, people waiting at bus stops, even grocery shoppers indoors. Smoke mask searches are at the highest level in Google history + most local stores have sold out of N95 masks needed to block toxic particulates…

tecstac May 23
You should read up on the history of masks. Some of the first modern ones had their origins in bra cups. "Trumbull’s sketch for a surgical mask, stemming from her 3M bra design"

that Trump stole the state of Massachusetts’s N95 masks so they had to have a billionaire fly his private jet to China to buy ones underneath the nose of the president is some real, history-books, Civil War shit

Det_Nen May 15
He’s bragged about replenishing the military in 3-1/2 years he couldn’t replenish N95 masks and other protective gear.? Anyway, N95 masks expire after about 5 years. This is the most pathetic and incompetent Administration in America’s history!

KerryOLeary4 May 23
N95 masks you are rebreathing CO2. OSHA has a tool that helps people determine if they are contraindicated based on medical history. People with heart and lung problems shouldn’t wear these as they risk anoxia and could make their condition worse or even deadly.

starvinganthro 7 Jun 2019
By sheer damage and size alone it was the worst wildfire in California history. Everywhere in SF were passing out N95 masks like it was Halloween candy. So when you get here don't be so hot as to start another one it's really dry and the grass is basically kindling at this point.

KaschifAli Jan 24
1st case of Corona virus has been admitted in Nishtar Hospital Multan, the pt had a recent travelling history to China. This deadly virus has so far consumed 30+ lives. Kindly avoid contact with any1 who has flu like symptoms & spcly one who's been to China recently.Use N95 masks

3M has a history of overcharging the federal government, and limited reporting requirements raise concerns that 3M could now overcharge the gov’t for N95 masks, as reports

KBrewEsq May 22
Ok so I retired recently and can really nerd out on this stuff. based on npr n95 history podcast (link in tweet that follows) I websurfed to this article with interesting images. Looks familiar! 1/2

havelpics May 21
Funny how I can source thousands of n95 masks, with no history of providing Ppe, but the state can’t.

RichDaniels1 May 20
Math, for what? Those stats r from the WHO. Corona death rate globally is what? What % of those r seniors & people with a predisposition. 1st time in history we quarantine the healthy Here’s some math on masks for u though. N95 masks protect to .3 microns. Corona virus is .125

Any reasonable person knows there is something there. Hunter & Joe Biden were traveling twice together.Why would Democrats pick a person that has memory problems, neck deep in Barisma,worst recession in US history under his watch and depleted & not replaced N95 masks?

AbdulSmdKhan Apr 2
History will remember how the officials nd ministers distributed N95 masks in their nears and then visited hospitals to take pictures with doctors havingsimple masks to fool public that how much they are concerned about corona.

abc7breaking Apr 3
It could be the most significant hand off in Patriots history. The team's plane brought back more than 1.2 million N95 masks from China.

Loa4kancona Apr 30
It wasn’t handled well-you can’t rewrite history. But even if what you say were true, the ventilators, N95 masks and other supplies would have been restocked, realizing the seriousness of future viruses. But you didn’t. Because the administration remained disorganized

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