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bostonctrless Apr 24 shared via Twitter
A Hampton, NH company that makes sleep apnea masks converts production to a reusable version of the N95 mask. Great job Sleepnet Corporation!

richardhorton1 Mar 24 shared via Twitter
NHS COVID-19 UPDATE: “Totally inadequate PPE. No N95 masks. Being sent like lambs to the slaughter.” “Could you please highlight that there is still not enough PPE.” “The current policy of PPE triage is unreliable and not fit for purpose.” And this: expired supply.

NH_India Mar 28 shared via Twitter
could have invoked Defence Production Act and got to switch to manufacturing N95 masks, to break into ventilator business. to deliver sanitizers! Like in , where , which assembles , is making face masks

NH_India Mar 23 shared via Twitter
handset maker on Monday announced it will donate lakhs of and protective suits in amid the outbreak

RupertMyers Apr 17 shared via Twitter
Something doesn’t stack up here in these two stories: either N95 masks don’t help the public lower the risk of catching the coronavirus, or we shouldn’t buy them because the NHS need them to lower their risk of catching the coronavirus. Hard to see how it’s both...

7News Apr 9

mht_nh_police Apr 21
Another generous donation! Fulcrum Associates, a construction firm in Southern NH, gave the MPD N95 masks and sanitizer. Thank you so much.

fascinatorfun Mar 18
Apparently more PPE equipment is on the way but the normal source, France, when China can’t fulfill, didn’t fulfil an NHS order for millions of N95 masks because the French Gov requisitioned them all. I don’t know the date of the order Also they have to be fitted & staff trained

drphiliplee1 Mar 17
There is no reason for you to wear an N95/FFP3 standard mask in public as a non-healthcare professional. None. Your stockpiling these masks make it harder for hospitals and NHS to get hold of them. Clean and wash your hands frequently.

NH_India Apr 7
After providing for protection of those who have been selflessly working to protect us by arranging for N95 and FFP3 masks for the workers, through is now helping facilitate 1.2 lakh cooked meals for the needy.

I watched him in January say the NHS is more than capable of handing any eventuality from Coronavirus- I was like “you have no idea what’s coming” I was RIGHT - bought my N95 masks end of Jan 😩😩😩💪😉

PaulJSweeney Mar 25
Basic surgical masks don't provide sufficient protection from contaminated particles, whether in-date or not. Front line NHS workers need fitted respirator filtered masks that are at least as protective as a fit-tested IOSH-certified disposable N95 filtering facepiece respirator.

MuhammadLila Apr 6
When word started spreading, James asked people to donate to the . Within days, someone using the name "Peter Parker" made an anonymous donation of £36,000. Yup, £36,000 - enough to buy 4,000+ N95 masks and more. All because a guy named Jason decided to make kids smile

ReedVreeland Apr 8
So awesome to see step up today to produce & deliver 200,000 N95 masks and PPE, face shields and goggles for medical providers and first responders in VT, NH, and NY 1/2

ANNOUNCEMENT: Grab a mystery set & help us get N95 Masks to the NHS who desperately need them. The initiative gets you a set of dice as well as donation to support our . Free Shipping.

badgerthecat2 Mar 26
*UPDATE* After 5 days I've improved enough to go home but still on the mend 😁 I'll take part in the at 8 however, I made my feelings very clear prior to leaving 😊 *NOTE* I saw more N95 masks worn by the public today than were available to NHS staff. THIS MUST CHANGE

HamishDBG Apr 20
hi Ammar N95 & half masks the preferred, but in extremis you could use a respirator many times as it can be easily decontaminated - Thank you & your colleagues for your brilliant work in the

claireOT Apr 17
Piers, I know that frontline NHS workers are being asked to sacrifice themselves, and work without the N95/99 masks they’ve been fit tested for. This is surely corporate manslaughter, or even culpable homicide? Journos, please expose this NOW

fascinatorfun Mar 15
We need to be very careful I think there is a terrible shortage of safety equipment inc the essential N95 masks I am very very worried that people’s (justifiable) anger with the Government will drive our precious NHS staff to work in ways that will really put themselves at risk

drnickmann Mar 11
PPE sent to GPs. These masks and gowns are technically completely useless. Thanks, government, you've had 4 weeks to rustle FPP3/N95 stuff up. Prepared - my arse... whatever we need eh?

chinarhyming Feb 9
Perhaps they receive info from other sources than many locals - WHO, NHS etc all recommend avoiding mucus gathering masks (unlesss in hospital etc) & emphasis hand sanitisation & sneezing into elbows. They also point out that, unless N95 mask & changed regularly, forget it!

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