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Arie means song, melody, Lion of God, modern names, popular names, A baby name A baby names, #unique
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APRIC0TFM May 22 shared via Twitter
⠀ ━─┈🎙ˎˊ˗ this next song is 'Ride Home' by Ben&Ben, dedicated to , from baby lion 🍑; who says: 'hey baby so i'm coming home to you, you're all i need, the very air i breathe you are home i love you so much.' ⠀

presidenle May 19 shared via Twitter
Stage Name: Minjae (민재) Birth Name: Song Min Jae (송민재) Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer Birthday: August 23rd, 2003 nicknames are ‘Big Baby’, ‘Baby Lion’ and ‘Cherry Bear’ Hobbies: raising the members, swimming, playing games, watching anime and other videos, skating

bridgespls May 23 shared via Twitter
Troy. So beautiful and haunting. Three Babies. The Lion and The Cobra and I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got were the soundtracks of my high school years. Every song is good.

72lions May 25 shared via Twitter
There is a Swedish song for kids called The sharks (Hajarna). Similar to baby shark but it takes a dark turn. The sharks eat the arms, the legs, the body of the kids and there is so much blood.

noorah_f7 May 20 shared via Twitter
I cry like a baby every time I see her lion fancam. I am so proud of her❤️

evrnjoey May 25
(c) something wrong. If no one ever hears it, how we gonna learn your song? You've got a heart as loud as lions so why let your voice be tamed? Baby we're a little different there's no need to be ashamed. You've got the light to fight the shadows so stop hiding it away!! (c)

ExtraMayer May 23
Agree let it rock 75 is unbelievable but also lions share for someday baby the best song of all time. I’ll roll all of them any day of the week

twineebee7 May 24
Wow! You never knew of her songs? (German Juice, I’m taken, Don’t Break My Heart, In love, Baby Mama, Olowo, Go Gaga, Lead me On, Lion).

jessemodz May 22
Day 35: - A Canadian song every day! – Bright Lights “I won't forget that night you said, "Baby, this is it. This is love at first sight." What happened to our bright lights? We used to shine when we were young.”

Also on the list of wakeup songs: the Lion King opening song, Never Gonna Give You Up, Nyan Cat song, Who Let the Dogs Out, Baby Shark, the Macarena.

Eevee098 May 25
There was this website that my friend showed me that had Flash videos of babies singing songs like "It's My Potty" and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

See the Good in people, in nature, in our Earth. Heaven must be spectacular to even come close to the Good things on our earth. A baby’s laughter, a sunflower, a puppy, a bird, a lake, a river, an ocean, a woman’s smile, a horse, a lion’s roar, a song.

__yoongha May 24
Minjae 📌 - nombre real: Song Min Jae - apodo: big baby , big lion - profesión: cantante y bailarín - fecha de nacimiento: 23 de agosto 2003 (16 años) - estatura 180cm - curiosidades: su modelo a seguir es Kai de EXO y se unió a TOP Media como aprendiz en 2015

BabyLionsDen May 24
Maybe we get the B ver photos tomorrow and then MV/ song teasers until 6/1

BabyLionOh May 22
That’s she’s low key racist... well she has some identity issues. She hangs out in racist video chat rooms and says problematic stuff. And she made this song that mimicked Sandra Blands death and just more stuff along this line . Read about it earlier this week in a chat room

CWFAN96 May 22
I feel like Indestructible is a really great song for like a mastermind/strategist heel and to me, Little Lion Man is great for a sympathetic underdog babyface

basil3298330 May 21
My sister Shakira from my small age till now I asking old song. recently I watch their Twitter Africa baby's their doing help education suffering money.i really appreciate dear.their in school please join me as basil your son boy baby ( do you continue baby's good path.i my kiss

I agree with all that but I give Baby the edge cuz his hook game and ability to make songs for the women as well along with everything you said about gunna. His features a notch ahead too

Sunshine9829 May 20
Min Jae. •Nombre: 민재 / Min Jae •Nombre completo: 송민재 / Song Min Jae •Apodo: Big Baby, Baby Lion, cherry Bear •Profesión: Cantante •Fecha de Nacimiento:23-Agosto-2003 (16 Años) +

Jigga_10 May 19
Man came in with the lion king song to introduce his baby I’m sure it’s racist in some way but I’m laughingggg

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