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GirlyGamer4400 8 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
Can console players get the twitch prime bundles on rainbow six siege? because when i go online to link my ubisoft account, i dont have the option to use my xbox live to login..

DarthMewtwo 22 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
Trying to link my account to claim the Rainbow Six Siege items but every time I sign into my Ubisoft account it just asks me to sign in again. Tried on both Chrome and Firefox. Help?

UbisoftSupport 20 Feb 2018 shared via Twitter
Hi! Please confirm that you watched the official Rainbow Six Siege stream. Also, did you make sure to link your Ubisoft account to your Twitch account before the stream?

carnagetrio 7 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
How To Link Ubisoft Account To Twitch Prime | Rainbow Six Siege: via

DidDrowning Feb 11 shared via Twitter
if you watched the 15 hours of the rainbow six siege 2020 invitationals and then link your twitch to your Ubisoft account do you still get the charm?

cozzyturner7 17 Sep 2019
and yet again I cant link my xbox account to my ubisoft account to claim twitch prime loot, I missed out on the Ash stuff (Rainbow Six Siege) because of this...

PuppetOfFate 24 Dec 2018

TheRealSFRM 14 Feb 2018
Link your twitch account to the ubisoft page. Google (rainbow six siege Twitch api) some reddit has the link. 👌

HewisonMichelle 5 Oct 2018
Hi Twitch Prime people. I'm wondering if I need to link my Ubisoft account each month to receive the Twitch Prime Alpha packs in Rainbow Six Siege? I linked last month and received them. Gamer name is WoolDoughnut714

refractiongami1 14 Sep 2019

FlipDatDailyTTV 12 Mar 2019

Drhemotoxin 7 Jul 2019

GabrielRivinius 8 Jun 2019

RageCityTV 12 Mar 2019

ToS_x_Nightmare 28 Sep 2018
When the one kill for the ace gets away!! Make sure you guys follow me on twitch (link in bio) And make sure you guys follow me on Instagram and Twitter to know when I go live !!!!

G3_Productions 21 Aug 2018

mumblez7 29 May 2018
LIVE one more time playing Rainbow Six Siege on twitch trying to improve our rank! Link in the bio

DanielHdGamer18 9 Dec 2017
LIVESTREAM IS ON rainbow six siege🔥❤ Come watch on twitch link is in my bio🔥and dont forget to hit that heart to follow❤

Twitch 29 Nov 2017
Looks like that link fell victim to Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Good thing we've got a powerful deck of our own. Go here to watch the Encore Marathon:

Twitch 28 Nov 2017
Path of Exile drops are now available to Twitch viewers! 1️⃣ Link your Path of Exile account to Twitch. 2️⃣ Tune into a favorite Path of Exile streamer. 3️⃣ Start earning one of 20+ awesome cosmetic helmet drops! Link your account here:

PlayWarframe 6 Dec 2017
Link your Warframe account to Twitch to receive exclusive rewards and get ready for a special Twitch Drop during ! Watch The Game Awards Live, December 7 at 8:30 p.m. ET.

charlieINTEL 1 Dec 2017
In addition, Call of Duty: WWII is $37.99 on Amazon as Deal of the Day: If you are a Twitch Prime member, you can get an additional $5 off code. Link your Amazon Prime to Twitch Prime:

charlieINTEL 8 Dec 2017

LastResort6666 1 Dec 2017

TheRyStarYT 3 Dec 2017
Hey welcome to Twitter!! Give a follow/subscribe to my and channels. YT link in my bio! Twitch link below!! Twitch:

xXBHanTVXx 25 Nov 2017
Hey all! I’m trying to get a good kickstart fund to up the quality of my stream via GoFundMe! If you could RT and share this link to get the word out, I would really appreciate it!

wessidevandal 2 Dec 2017
[GOING LIVE ON ] may have gone to Seattle to watch Rhett and Link, but I've got another Link to keep me company. Link to the Past continues!

FrankieWard 28 Nov 2017
Thanks for these! Make sure he uploads to the Submittable link above - we can't take submissions via Twitter unfortunately.

LucyMaeFanClub 2 Dec 2017
and the are LIVE, right now on ! click on the link below to join the hunt for some chicken dinners!

TheGAMwolferz 29 Nov 2017
Here’s the link to the channel Don’t Hug me I’m Scared: . Also the theories behind it: Note: If you see a 7th episode don’t bother it’s technically fake.

wessidevandal 28 Nov 2017

Daemon_Boss 30 Nov 2017
$100 !! Follow and tag a friend!! follow on for an extra entry ... click this link to enter!

PhDigi 1 Dec 2017

Wesleygamer01 4 Dec 2017
Here is the link to their Twitch page ( ) here is the link to their main page ( ).

NevFailsTV 4 Dec 2017

gektekRadio 28 Nov 2017
ok that is just dumb but it DOES work so ty ty ty! Would be nice if the "Following" link on the actual website just pointed to that instead ;)

VandalizedWitch 27 Nov 2017
My name has now bee updated to Vandalized! Make sure you save my new link as well.

themiabyte 8 Dec 2017
That's so cute. Yaaasss. Let me know which are your favourites. You have to play Zelda: A Link To The Past, Super Mario World and Super Metroid 💕

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