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TmwK_Smo 8 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
Hi. I’m trying to link my Twitch prime account to my Ubisoft account in order to get loot but it doesn’t work. My connection is completely fine, so what’s wrong ?

Spoicy3 11 Oct 2018 shared via Twitter
You need a twitch prime account, then you have to link your twitch prime account to your Ubisoft account that your using to play R6. A very fun process

UbisoftSupport 15 Nov 2017 shared via Twitter
Please make sure that your Ubisoft account is linked to your Twitch Prime account, using the following link: If you're still having issues, please send us a DM for further assistance.

chrisjee92 7 Oct 2018 shared via Twitter
trying to claim the twitch prime content for Odyssey but it's saying I need to link my twitch to my Ubisoft account but it already is linked?

RemixxKhione 27 Oct 2017 shared via Twitter
Now im having trouble claiming the stuff for twitch prime I can link my Ubisoft to my twitch account but when I try to ——-

cyb0rg_zombie 16 Aug 2019
hi trying to claim my twitch prime rewards yet when i try link my ps4 to ubisoft it say its linked to another account any way you guys could look at this for me thanks.

carnagetrio 2 Oct 2018
New October Prime pack are out! Here is a tutorial on how to Link your Account to Twitch prime

Rainbow6Game Jan 22
You just need to link your Twitch Prime account with your Ubisoft account, and you should be able to claim the bundles once they are available.

Junnyy_ 6 Sep 2018
I accidentally link the wrong Ubisoft account to my twitch prime. I had unlinked it since in October & November there are more items but it doesn't seem to work. I know I lost the x8 r6 packs, but I wanted to still be able to get the other ones. What can I do?

FelixEnigma47 7 Jul 2019
Subscribe to twitch prime and also twitch channel. Link your ubisoft account to twitch and you will receive the charm when you play

Alex06664341 7 Sep 2018
I tried linking my Xbox account to my twitch prime and Ubisoft account to get the twitch prime rewards but it didn’t let me and now it says that I’ve redeemed them when I haven’t now there’s no way for me to link my Xbox account and get my rewards.

Melo_Zel 22 Aug 2019
my twitch prime account won’t link to my Ubisoft account. I have all my info right (I checked on the actual website) but it just won’t sign me in.

UbisoftSupport 7 Sep 2018
Hi Alex. You have to link your Xbox account to your Ubisoft account in order to get the Twitch prime pack on Xbox. Please send us a DM with your Xbox, Uplay and Twitch username.

anthony_synoga 15 Sep 2018
hey, i recently went to go claim the twitch prime loot, however when i hit click to link ubisoft account the website just sits there and displays a loading screen but never actually does anything, help?

CrampedBook 7 Oct 2018
can you send me a link to link my Ubisoft and twitch prime account for the new alpha packs?

KevinGo50529819 26 Dec 2018
so I try to link my Ubisoft account to my twitch to get my twitch prime pack but I connected my wrong account how can I unlink it or can I not get one

Yoyo17233 7 Sep 2018
The page to link twitch prime and ubisoft account is stuck on loading for 30 minutes for me.

hey so I have my Ubisoft account linked to my PS4 and I have twitch prime, I’ve been trying to redeem my prime loot for 3 hours now and whenever I try to log into ubisoft from the “link” button on twitch it never loads

carnagetrio 7 Sep 2018
How To Link Ubisoft Account To Twitch Prime | Rainbow Six Siege: via

ZemZ_Ghost 13 Sep 2018
It won’t let me link my xbox account to my twitch prime and Ubisoft account. what should I do?

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