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Ask Patents is a new Stack Exchange site launching today that allows anyone to participate in the patent examination process. It’s a collaborative effort, supported by Stack Exchange, the US Patent and Trademark Office, and the Google Patent Search team. It’s very exciting, because it is opening up a process that has been conducted behind closed doors for over 200 years.
Harley Davidson Leaning Trike Patent Application
Harley Davidson Leaning Trike Patent Application
'New Google Logo' Sticker by wearz
New Google Logo Stickers
From the height of this place by Jonathan Rosenberg, SVP, Product Management, Google. This was published in 2009 but still is relevant and highly recommended to read! -Helen
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Attention all teachers! The United States Patent and Trademark Office, National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), NBC Learn, and the National Science Foundation (NSF) have joined forces to create a series of STEM videos with associated lesson plans.
Art As A Necessity
Art As A Necessity
Google Mobile
Typography Presentation in Kinetic Typography Channel
This is a typographical representation emphasizing the value of “thinking out of the box”. Examples of false statements, which were thought to be true at the time underline the importance of being open minded. New ideas which can seem ridiculous now may be just a part of our lives in the future. So, keep an open mind! "Everything that can be invented has been invented." Charles H. Duell(United States Patent and Trademark Office) 1899 "Heavier-than-air flying ...
A Trademark Lawsuit ‘Lager’ Than Life  - | Patents & Patent Law
Poinsettia variations patented by the Eckes family. Image: US Patent & Trademark Office.
Google & Patent Office Join Forces
Shot Glass
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Light Up Mask BOB Bass Fx for LED Eye Cyclops Cosplay Light Up | Etsy
There are no lawyer jokes, they're all true stories.
Google Expands Searchable Patents beyond the United States Patent and #Trademark Office.
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Attorneys for the NAACP are shown. Left to right: William T. Coleman Jr., New York; Wiley A. Branton, Pine Bluffs, Arkansas; and Thurgood Marshall, Chief Counsel
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has a new patent that was published on Thursday morning by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This patent filing...
Today's Document
“ John Condell’s Drawing of an Artificial Arm, 07/11/1865 From the series: Utility Patent Drawings, 1837 - 1911, from the Records of the Patent and Trademark Office ”
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BizBlack 17 Feb 2016 shared via Twitter
A search of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's database shows some recently filed patents by Google. The...

GoldieStandard 2 Jun 2010 shared via Twitter
Search away. Google brings, well, Google, to the US and Trademark Office

MediaPost 28 Dec 2012 shared via Twitter
5 Callouts Making Google's Mobile Search Patent Important: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted...

davidbix 19 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
Cody, that's not a Google search. It's the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office site.

ZakZBuzzBox 4 Jun 2010 shared via Twitter
Patent - United States Patent and Trademark Office on Search Engine Land-Google, US Patent Office Partner To Offer...

soccermusings 17 Feb 2014
the links don't stay live on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website, so you can search that page or google search.

As a VA, one of the most rewarding parts of my work is having clients that believe I can do anything. And, one of the most challenging parts is when they make me prove it. *dives into Google search on patent and trademark law*

bonaykoome 2 Dec 2019
4 search tools to find out if simmilar web app exist; Google, Patent and trademark search, betalist and product hunt.

EmbraceDaBs 28 Mar 2015
Conducting a patent search - Google patents Patent and trademark resource center USPTO website

yodoonl 21 Jan 2013
Yodoo found: Google Patents The Mobile Search Blend: The United States Patent and Trademark Office ...

biankahajdu 20 Sep 2012
Stack Exchange lanza nuevo sitio de Q&A junto a US Patent and Trademark Office y Google Patent Search

vorreicomprare 1 Sep 2012
Google Patents: Search engine, Google, United States Patent and Trademark Office, Search, Optical character recognition

NowSuccess 24 Feb 2012
Google invents original continuous search gestures: A Google patent filing with the US Patent and Trademark Offi...

SearchEngineNow 3 Jun 2010
USPTO Lets Google Host 10 TB of Patent Info: The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) ...

GoldieStandard 2 Jun 2010
Search away. Google brings, well, Google, to the US and Trademark Office

searchbliss 2 Mar 2010
Google Patent For Location-Based Advertising Granted: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded the search gian...

dberkowitz 15 May 2009
RT On the blog: Google's New Trademark Policy and Its Impact on Marketers >>

mashable 15 Oct 2007 Disses Google Trademark Policy and Supports Free Speech Instead ( )

ZDNet 8 Aug 2007
YouTube, Google Street View: the copyright, trademark, AND privacy trolls are coming!! -

SKWCentral 15 Dec 2009
Google Scam is Now Using the Yahoo Trademark: Pending a lawsuit, the Google scam is now using the Yahoo name and logo to

ericgoldman 15 May 2009
Joe Mullin explores "patent troll" ties to Firepond v. Google class action trademark lawsuit

cshapiro 24 Jan 2010
tweet & google join "trademark creep" list- thermos, popsicle, band-aid, pooper-scooper, kleenex, and jell-o:

Econsultancy 8 Apr 2008
Google sued regarding trademark terms and Adwords: Less than a week after Google made its controvers..

Daily_Express 17 Mar 2009
Google faces trademark tussle: Luxury goods retailer Louis Vuitton and internet giant Google have returned to co..

ncasenmare 27 Jan 2010
In the future, the letter 'i' will be intellectual property of Apple, and 'g' trademark of Google. The price of giggling skyrockets.

AdamBroitman 13 Jan 2009
well--first you need to file the trademark letter with Google, then you can have lawyers send a C and D

ClickZ 16 Jul 2009
Trademark Policies: Google and Beyond

kevinmarks 1 Dec 2009
"unlike Yahoo and Bing, Google does allow buying a competitors trademark for a search ad"

adsensetip 9 Mar 2009
Google trademark question and AdSense

lynnterry 22 May 2009
Reading RevenueToday: Affiliates win. Trademark owners lose. And Google, as always, will make more money...

kevinmarks 18 May 2009
» : Of Patent Trolls and Trademark Champions (re the Google class action, IP Law and Business)

youtuberlaw 28 May 2009
Reading: Google Hit With Yet Another Lawsuit (And Looser Trademark Policy Paves the Way for More) ( )

OrangeSoda 17 Jun 2009
Google's new Trademark policy on Adwords. (They are no longer investigating Trademark claims): What are the pros and cons?

robkerry 23 Nov 2009
Just launched PPC Enforcer - monitor people bidding on your brand and trademarks on Google - (Please RT)

shibataism 21 Jul 2009
Marissa is Google’s trademark. In US, we can find some smart and beauty ladies as her.

cioitexec 18 Jul 2009
The Power of the Brand as Verb: For brands such as Google and Twitter and, Microsoft hopes, Bing, a trademark mi..

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