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MyKBO 11 hours ago shared via Twitter
KBO Gear: Lockerdium (official licensed KBO goods): gMarket: (search for KBO teams etc and see if the sellers ship internationally) eBay: They have a few things, sometimes pricing gets $ Proxy Shopping: KBO Reddit and a few other sites are able to

klatholic666 12 hours ago shared via Twitter
if money is not an issue, its on gmarket which is like an ebay/amazon type website where stores sell their items

MondayMonbebe May 26 shared via Twitter
For SK, buying physicals from a hanteo certified seller. Gmarket (via the starship shop it's like ebay have to make sure it's the right seller, check their twt or website 4 link), kpoptown If you're in US or Canada I highly recommend choicemusic

momo_yuzu111 55 minutes ago shared via Twitter

sweetexo100 May 22 shared via Twitter
you can try gmarket or ebay. they might be selling them.

benHYB1211 May 28
Gmarket Global Yesasia Kpopmart Kpoptown I think also Ebay and amazon?

bwiT_T May 28
jasa paypal rate 14700 / $1 。check out; fee 5k 。via bca. proofs di pinned 。transfer no fee (g&s / f&f) # saldo jual pp balance tf co weply weverse shop weshop gmarket website ktown4u ebay top up

nystaypa May 27
I can’t believe I just went and bought 4 copies of this on different sites (well... 2 from synnara but that’s cause I forget they’re also on gmarket, so I did it on eBay... Oh well. 🤷‍♀️ Hoping the link I clicked on gmarket was with the interpark gift.

indaahprianti May 27
OPEN JASA PAYPAL ! CO weply , gmarket, ebay , amazone etc ✅ Convert dollar to idr ✅ VCC akun paypal ✅ testi? Cek pinned

rmonotrade May 26
wts saldo paypal / jual saldo paypal / jasa paypal rate 14500 ✅ checkout web no fee testi on likes / thread co checkout web korea weverse weply weverseshop gmarket ktown4u ktown mwave yes24 ebay

BantuJajan May 25
Wts/wtb ready saldo paypal. Yg mau jajan ktown4u wevers gmarket Yes24 ebay web lain yg butuh jasa transfer paypal bisa DM ⭕️Dana hasil jualan Halal & jelas sumbernya ⭕️No tipu, gak berkah ⭕️terima Withdrawals usd to idr (kasih proof)

Suzy4everfan May 24
Pibak del nop Klaj ta only in Korea hery lov buy from Gmarket ot kert ke ot ship to Cambodia teat te hope have in eBay jos

sunflowerkmin May 23
If you make sure the seller is legit you can find some on ebay but apart from that there's also ktown4u and Gmarket

MyKBO May 23
Gmarket is a legit site in Korea; it's actually part of eBay.

doybangcha May 22
btw aku juga ada jasa paypal jasa terima paypal sama kirim saldo paypal bisa buat co checkout web korea weverse weply weverseshop gmarket ktown4u ktown mwave yes24 ebay, co web korea juga bisa pake won juga

KimCotton225 May 22
kemaren pas PO ngga ikutan karna duit abis. sekarang mau nyari jaketnya udh ngga ada 😩😩😩 udh nyari dimana mana ebay gmarket yes24 ktown4u jg pada ngga ada atau blm ada yg jual kali ya masih produksi

_Lalisa_0327 Mar 13
Lisa’s photobook should only available in ktown, gmarket and yg select.. where did ebay gets Lisa’s that’s overpriced

sophiabebe723 Apr 17
GMarket is actually much cheaper than eBay, at least in my experience. Both during Follow and with Fantasia, GMarket has been the cheapest option, even including shipping.

uhyoons Apr 14
you can check gmarket or ebay! i know amazon sells it but it’s lowkey expensive on there

RVcrave 25 Nov 2019
Gmarket is the reason why Ebay or Amazon didn't go to South Korea Gmarket arguably the NO.1 in Korea also know for targeting Young people in their campaigns known for their influence over that demographic. it's win for Gmarket

jennierazzi Jan 19

Here are the search results from Gmarket, aka eBay Korea LLC:

ramyeonduo Jan 3
i found out this man was ebay korea's social impact manager (csr, community manager) and now works with gmarket. recently, he was announced as the second nominee of the democratic party of korea (centrist liberal) and on a radio interview today, he asked them to play psycho. LMAO

FLYHlGH_X1 Mar 8

niunua Mar 11
gmarket, ebay, ktown4u i kpoptown

dhkyungie Feb 18
You can find em on gmarket or eBay

Gmarket, eBay, ktown4u I love gmarket cause if I get more than one album it becomes wayyy cheaper in the long run

daeshila_2426 Apr 27
Ktown4u, musickorea, ebay, gmarket.. Or YGEShop-(that one is for god sake the most official one lol). But others are official too.

copkook Jan 11
weply and bighit us shop has free official preorder gifts too. gmarket (korean ebay like website) has coupons you can use and put the albums for low prices. aladin also has free shipping for 50+ orders.

sleeptalkn May 2
i gave up with yes24, gmarket ktown4u, kpoptown, synnara and i can't find any trusty ebay seller to get the album

JisooLibrary Jan 16

RushedCoffee 5 Nov 2019
Gmarket is easy, Ktown4u, Kpoptown, ebay,.. :)

khunlovebot Jan 2
apparently you can send an email in english to the official korean website stating which figures you want; but i personally found them on gmarket (korean ebay), and they still have a lot of stock (tax fees are expensive though)

suj4eva May 19
For international shipping, Gmarket, eBay, ktown4u .. that’s all I remeber atm

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