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Property Taxes on Owner-Occupied Housing, by County, Ranked by Taxes As a Percentage of Home Value, 2007 - 2009 (three-year average)
How to calculate tax on Overtime <> Your employer is required by law to pay 1.5 times your hourly rate for any time you work over 40 hours in a workweek. Although you'll receive an hourly bonus for working overtime, you must pay taxes ...
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managing expectations by Dave - I first rode RAGBRAIa 30000 person bike ride across Iowa every Julyit was everything Id ever hoped for in a vacation. It had purpose (get 400 miles east in 6 days) and friends (30000 of them) and fun (lots of beer music and bike riding) and disconnection (no cell service no schedule). It was all new. I didnt expect to hold a piglet. I didnt expect a romantic encounter to take place in my tent. I didnt expect to pee in a cornfield (lots of them actually). I didnt
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An article in the New York Times last week by the ever-controversial Mark Bittman is just asking for an attack from the meat, alcohol, junk-food and tobacco PR machine, Center for Consumer Freedom. In the article, Bittman argues for taxing soda, meat, and other unhealthy foods: “By profiting as a society from the foods that are making us sick and using those funds to make us healthy, the United States would gain the same kind of prestige that we did by attacking smoking. We could institu...
UN Report Supports Taxes On Junk Food
The United Nations is in favor of a tax on junk food. I think one of the most important points of the article was the UN's claim that by selling fattening foods at cheap prices, western cultures are "letting the food industry create an environment that makes citizens unhealthy" which "constitutes a violation of human rights." Very interesting.
Kirkland Views
This articles highlights one of the absurdities of candy taxes. In the state of Washington, a Hershey Bar is taxed while a KitKat is not because the latter contains flour. What?!?
Nation's First Soda Tax Passed in California City
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New York Times op-ed citing a need to tax unhealthy food and subsidize fruits and vegetables in order to get people to change their eating habits.
Why Michael Pollan and Mark Bittman’s Proposed Food Policy Won’t Happen Anytime Soon
This article discusses proposed junk food taxes as part of a larger political debate about the food industry as a whole.
Pros and Cons of Fat Tax - Economics Help
Simplified lists of pros and cons for a tax on fatty foods.
This is a very interesting discussion from the BBC. The panel debates about taxes on junk foods in Britain. They also discuss taxes passed in Denmark and Mexico. Another interesting point is how such taxes effect different classes.
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What the world can learn from Denmark’s failed fat tax
The world watched as Denmark repealed its recent fat tax and sugar tax. The government in Denmark claims the tax led to job loss and people crossing borders to buy cheaper junk food.
While this survey from opinion poll website does not approach polling the nation in the most scientific fashion, it's still interesting to see a breakdown of what different demographics feel about a tax on fatty foods.
Park Service OKs immigration reform rally on ‘closed’ National Mall
Park Service OKs immigration reform rally on 'closed' National Mall - Washington Times
Is it time to tax junk food?
This video seems to be in favor of a tax on sugar sweet-sweetened beverages and junk food. It discusses comprehensive marketing and education changes that would need to be made in addition to the new taxes.
You Won't Believe The Drugs Kids Are On These Days
Some people might ask why people want to implement a tax on high-sugar or fatty foods. This video is entertaining but the facts starting around 1:30 are more startling to some.

randykfox 3 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
Oh yes, agreed. I just meant that AOC's policy ideas would still mostly be considered leftist in Canada too. For example, the highest percentage you can be taxed in Canada is about 53% (combined Federal and Provincial income tax)

kirstiealley 28 Mar 2017 shared via Twitter
I have a question: what is the average percentage of federal and state income tax paid in Canada? Curious

WaterlooEDC 31 Jan 2014 shared via Twitter
Canada's combined federal-provincial general corporate income tax rate of 26.1% in 2013 is about 13 percentage points lower than the U.S.

JoshMatlow 14 Feb 2015 shared via Twitter
What would be ideal? If Canada's big cities/regions received a percentage of the existing federal income tax for infrastructure priorities.

News_Spotlight_ May 11 shared via Twitter
Regardless of which Province you live in Canada, Canadians pay the same percentage of federal taxes that is based on their income level. Provinces who have people who earn higher wages would thusly have tax payers who pay higher taxes per capita. How is that discriminatory?

We determine tax equality by making federal taxes a percentage of income. That percentage of income is identical federally across Canada, the gst is identical. Plus, Alberta is the only province without a provincial sales tax. So Alberta is taxed less than every other Canadian.

kiteie 24 Nov 2019
Really? It's the same rate or percentage of income tax paid by albertans as everyone across the country pays. And you think albertans should pay a lower percentage of federal tax than everyone else? Why? AB gets back the same amount per person as everyone across Canada.

News_Spotlight_ 17 Oct 2019
This is why the Federal are worth considering while Canada’s 2 major parties enable tax-holes and facilitate tax havens. The middle and lower class spend the highest percentage of their income on consumption so putting more money in their pockets will help the economy.

SarahJKS77 29 Sep 2019
Melinda, in Canada the percentage of our federal taxes that goes to healthcare is 10%. The working poor, who earn below the 'cost of living' index end up getting all or most of their income taxes refunded. Those not paying any taxes at all are still covered.

kstokesvies 25 Jun 2019
92.2% – The percentage of Canadian families with kids that will pay higher taxes as a result of federal income tax changes and the Canada Pension Plan payroll tax hike $2,218 – What Canadian families with kids—regardless of income—will pay, on average, in higher taxes

MtpVicki 25 Apr 2019
I read all your responses. Can I ask honestly, does everyone in Canada pay federal taxes? In the USA, ~50% of the people pay Zero federal taxes. Not sure they are willing to pay taxes for “free” healthcare & if so, what percentage of their income?

emilapedia 20 Apr 2019
Technically u are right but it comes from Federal Revenues of which AB pays a larger percentage than the rest of Canada per Capita. If Albertans didn't pay Federal Income/gas taxes that money would stay in Province for say a sovereign wealth fund. Today it goes to Quebec instead.

ginnyb3 12 May 2018
No kidding, which income group pays highest percentage of overall taxes? Top 10 per cent earned 35 per cent of Canada’s total income yet paid 54 per cent of federal and provincial income taxes. Add on all the other taxes.

moneytalkstweet 21 Apr 2011
Percentage of Canadian Federal Income Tax by Income Percentile: Source: Canada Revenue Agency HERE Read more... http://bit.ly/fZwv0x

SenBobCorker 15 Dec 2010
Corker Votes to Extend Existing Tax Rates, Introduces Amendment to Cap Federal Spending as a Percentage of GDP http://bit.ly/hSvyiN

TaxFoundation 24 May 2010
Map: State-by-state look at percentage of tax filers with no federal income tax liability in 2008 http://bit.ly/c32DDK

odannyboy 15 Apr 2010
If some 47% of Americans pay no federal income tax at all, I wonder what percentage of the Tea Baggers fall into that category. Guess: lots.

davemanuelcom 4 Nov 2010
What Percentage of Federal Individual Income Taxes Do Rich People Really Pay? - http://bit.ly/dxPZ3x

taxgirl 12 Aug 2008
Guess what percentage of corporations don't pay federal income tax in a given year?

market_currents 10 Mar 2010
Based on year-over-year percentage change in federal withholding tax revenue, job losses have bottomed out and ma... http://bit.ly/bTbXh5

Mining_News 9 May 2010
The federal government's tax on mining "super profits" could shave 0.5 percentage points off th... http://tinyurl.com/35e8qvp

T0mmygunxx 14 Apr 2010
No our percentage is not 28% now. We just paid $48,000 in Federal income tax after deductions. Our rate is 33%.

JulieGallaher 15 Oct 2008
question - what percentage of usa population pays no federal income tax and what is income threshhold to pay nothing - anyone know?

EarnForSpending 3 Aug 2009
income News.... Changes in federal tax receipts: The annual percentage change for individual inco.. http://bit.ly/14TXKY

jameywah 7 Apr 2010
what is the percentage of federal income tax deducted from the salaries of british colombia’s residents?: The T4 I... http://bit.ly/cXFvFJ

JenSinger 15 Apr 2009
RT OK, next one. According to U. S. government estimates, what percentage of Federal Income Tax filers cheat?

tedhart 15 Apr 2010
Interesting fact: federal Income Taxes on USA Middle-Income Families at second-lowest percentage in the past 50 years http://bit.ly/dekOSZ

jameywah 7 Apr 2010
How much federal income tax do they take out?: Do they take out a certain percentage like state tax? If so how muc... http://bit.ly/bi936q

TheFeeders 20 Apr 2011
What total percentage of income to Norwegians pay in taxes.?: Not just their own federal tax but also sales tax,... http://bit.ly/dVczvr

mercatus 18 Apr 2011
Percentage of Federal Personal Income Tax by Income Percentile http://ow.ly/1cf3rb

JimHeathTV 17 Apr 2011
Tax Foundation: All federal, state and local taxes combined are a lower percentage of per-capita income than at any time since the 1960s.

digg_biz 16 Apr 2011
% Tax Paid After Deductions [chart]: The average percentage of federal income tax paid by any bracket in the US ... http://bit.ly/hSvkZD

pamdodd 11 Apr 2011
: What percentage of your income goes to federal income taxation? > Too much. It doesn't pay to be in the top tax bracket.

RepBrianHiggins 7 Apr 2011
30%: percentage of tax returns that would be stalled if the federal government shuts down

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