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MikeHobbies Mar 31 shared via Twitter
Um, no. Provinces absolutely have the power to tax income, and provincial income tax brackets and rates vary across the country. We just submit the tax through a federal agency (CRA).

CaptainDick12 23 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
2018 Federal income tax brackets*2018 Federal income tax rates $46,605 or less = 15% $46,605 to $93,208 = 20.5% $93,208 to $144,489 = 26% $144,489 to $205,842 = 29% More than $205,842 = 33% Straight from CRA.

BetamaxRob May 10 shared via Twitter
So for 2020 the federal tax rate is 15% on the first $48,535 of taxable income. If your raise puts you to $48,536 of taxable income... you are only paying higher, 20% taxes on that single dollar that put you above the first bracket. More details from CRA:

CaptainDick12 23 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
2018 Federal income tax brackets*2018 Federal income tax rates $46,605 or less = 15% $46,605 to $93,208 = 20.5% $93,208 to $144,489 = 26% $144,489 to $205,842 = 29% More than $205,842 = 33% Straight from CRA.

concretemayor 27 Aug 2018 shared via Twitter
Your tax on top 1% failed to produce the promised billions in new revenue in its first year, as high-income earners actually paid $4.6-billion less in federal taxes. Liberal Party’s campaign platform said a new top tax bracket would raise nearly $3B/yr, CRA says it didn't happen.

AuntieDote 9 Jan 2018
1956 - a year when federal tax brackets were capped at 91%. A GREAT incentive to invest wealth into productive enterprise, rather than (as now) purchase your own shares using negative interest rate cash borrowings.

SenatorBurr 27 Nov 2017
Individuals and families in literally every income bracket will receive relief under the and by doubling the standard deduction, the zero tax bracket is expanded, reducing or eliminating federal income taxes for millions of Americans.

ABC 16 Nov 2017
The proposal would add $1.4 trillion to the federal deficit over next 10 years, while decreasing number of tax brackets and deductions and slashing the corporate tax rate to 20%.

htTweets 7 Oct 2017
Federal tax body, the GST Council, will consider trimming the list of products in the highest tax bracket of 28%

RoyBlunt 3 Jan 2018
New year means new federal tax brackets and likely bigger paychecks for lots of employees

RichardRubinDC 6 Jul 2018
One other note. DC plan is 90% credit--donate $10k, get $9k off DC income tax bill plus $9k federal charity deduction. Residents come out ahead in any federal bracket; DC gets extra $1,000. Bigger percentage gives more of benefit to taxpayer; smaller means more $ for DC govt.

JBYoder 18 Nov 2017
For the US federal income tax, the graduations of tax brackets apply to income IN EXCESS of each bracket, not to total income. Tables here lay it out:

michaelsfoxes 7 Jul 2018
Let’s assume you’re single. The federal income tax is based on an income bracket. If you’re getting taxed the full 30% bracket you are probably making upwards of 200-300 grand a year. Most people make much much less than that. Not really fucked in the grand scheme of things.

10NewsFirst 8 May 2018
Federal Government wants to abolish the 37% tax bracket by 2024-25, meaning those earning between $41K- $200K will pay 32.5%.

WSJ 11 Feb 2018
Among the marriage-friendly changes: Almost all of the federal taxable-income brackets for 2018 for joint filers are double those for singles

Forbes 26 Jan 2018
In case you missed it: these are the new 2018 federal income tax brackets and rates

PeterSchiff 10 Aug 2018
Since the yield on U.S Treasuries is taxable at the federal level, if you are in the top income tax bracket, and you buy a 10-year Treasury with a 2.9% yield, with annual CPI also increasing at 2.9%, your real after tax yield is minus 1.2%.

brianneDMR 9 Feb 2018
Here's the breakdown by income bracket of how much Iowans can expect to save on federal taxes as a result of federal tax reform

mschmitt9 8 Jul 2018
Just to trace the dollars back: Let's say I'm Trump, and you owe me $500k. I say, "you're in the 50% tax bracket (state+federal), so put $1 million into my foundation, take the deduction, and it's the same $500k to you." (This appears to be what Trump did with $ from WWE.) 1/3

RealMarkLatham 21 Jun 2018
Any Australian who thinks they are better off under Morrison's PR spin has been conned. Federal income tax revenue rising by 5-7% each of next four financial years, well above inflation and rate of wage increases. Labor wants even bigger income tax increases via bracket creep.

moneytalk1 26 Nov 2017
If a new law does not change things, here are the federal marginal brackets that were announced for 2018:

TheModerateMan 25 Oct 2017
I don’t care if someone is a billionaire- a federal tax bracket of 39.6% is obnoxious.

FrankQuattrone 20 Dec 2017
Please explain to me exactly how this bill is not a TAX INCREASE for the highest income earners in California who will no longer be able to deduct the state’s extremely high income taxes and property taxes on federal returns. Net increase for the highest bracket, not net benefit.

EjmEj 26 Feb 2018
In fact, NYC’s top bracket residents will pay higher combined fed-state-local income tax rate, which explains why ITEP estimates the 2019 federal income tax on individuals & households in NY’s top 1% will be nearly $6 billion higher.

danielnazer 21 Aug 2018
He paid the original sum out of post-tax assets. If he has to report the re-payment as "income" (and is in high federal and NY brackets) he'll need almost double to be made whole. That's what this looks like to me.

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