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2016 Federal Income Tax Brackets
An Overview of Canada's Tax Brackets
Read about Canadian federal tax rates, and learn how the Canada Revenue Agency may apply several different taxation rates to your income.
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DreKereliuk 5 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
In 2017, Canada's Federal Income Tax Brackets were as follows: 15% if $45,916 or less. 20.5% for over $45,916 up to $91,831. 26% if over $91,831 up to $142,353. 29% if over $142,353 up to $202,800. 33% if more $202,800 Looks like they pay taxes to me 😆 15% isn't nothing.

crescentrn 17 Jul 2016 shared via Twitter
our tax bracket depends on income, I am in the 38% for federal tax, 9.3 % state tax, and 8% sales

OccupyToronto 1 Mar 2016 shared via Twitter

globeandmail 7 Dec 2015 shared via Twitter
Liberals to announce that changes to federal tax brackets won’t add up via

thecoveted 15 Apr 2016 shared via Twitter
Woah... so only paid a 13% Federal Tax rate of $206K. That's like way, way, low for that bracket.

jbview 28 Jan 2016
Helps that he doesn't seem to understand tax brackets or how most federal programs work.

JonChevreau 17 May 2016

vogon 15 Dec 2015
also the top few federal income tax brackets here go higher than they do in the true north strong and free

Martina 14 Mar 2015
Walker: Abolishing Federal Income Tax 'Sounds Pretty Tempting'-most people in high income bracket will keep the $ IMO

janetnovack 17 Sep 2014
What will your 2015 tax rate be? Sneak peek at 2015 federal brackets, and inflation adjustments.

AlbatrosPegas 2 Dec 2015
income tax rates: Brackets (Federal Income Tax Rates) 2000 through 2015 This put... .remmont.com

schtev69 7 Dec 2015

ErnRetireNow 13 Jul 2016

COSProject 6 May 2016
Federal regulations hit the poor harder than any other income bracket:

D_Rob__ 18 Apr 2016
45.3% of people pay NO Federal Income Tax. The top 20% income bracket pays 75% of all tax income of the Federal Government. Tax Day Facts

nytimesbusiness 16 Apr 2016
This hypothetical suburban couple are in the 25% federal tax bracket. Here’s a look at how we reduced their taxes

TweetingYarnie 4 Feb 2016
This is correct. It's Bernie's federal income tax brackets. Highest is 52% @laguna4bernie

wpjenna 28 Sep 2015
Donald Trump wants to reduce the number of tax brackets from seven to four. Those making less than $25K would not pay federal income tax.

ASFried 9 Jun 2015
Federal income tax code has seven brackets for ordinary income. Maine should have more than two.

Polkameister 4 May 2015
There are 4 federal income tax brackets in Canada. Justin's plan only helps 1 of them & does nothing for the other 3 including lowest

CommSec 30 Apr 2015
[Chart] Federal Budget 2015 More 'ordinary' taxpayers pushed into top two tax brackets ^CJ

JaneQFactor 5 Mar 2015
When taxes on upper income brackets are cut both on state and federal levels, ultimately the middle and working class will pay

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