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Merrillmarkoe 11 Sep 2013 shared via Twitter
Don Nelson, brother of Ozzie, of Ozzie and Harriet, died. He didn't even get to have his own picture on his obituary.

ky_standard 23 Nov 2018 shared via Twitter
📰 Obituary: Joseph Edward ‘Teddy’ Ballard, 49, Bardstown Joseph Edward “Teddy” Ballard, 49, of Bardstown, died Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018, at his residence. He was born Feb. 22, 1969, in Nelson County to the late Thomas William and Julia “Judy” Don

HCInsider 16 Jan 2017 shared via Twitter

NCGBreakingNews 24 Jun 2013 shared via Twitter
Obituary: Don F. ‘Termite’ Parkerson, 64, Nicholasville, formerly of Nelson County -

franklinavenue 24 Jun 2013 shared via Twitter
ICYMI, Matt Weiner on the worst thing that ever happened to Don Draper; the reality of Ken Cosgrove's plight; more:

hunieco 24 Jun 2013
Where Don Draper ends, D.B. Cooper begins — an epic read:

kauf 24 Jun 2013
Leadership Lessons from Don Draper, Tony Soprano and Other TV Dads | The New OPEN Forum

DJYELLO 24 Jun 2013

joekellyjk47 24 Jun 2013
Are we ever gonna find out why Dawn was never at Don's desk a couple episodes in a row a little while back?

russianmachine 24 Jun 2013
Don Cherry credits Oates for Ovechkin's turnaround, says “Ovi no longer runs around aimlessly trying to kill someone”

OutFrontCNN 24 Jun 2013
Nelson Mandela in critical condition days before Obama visit

frenchbrooken 24 Jun 2013
: "sad" backwards is das as in das not good u should smile” don b sed kylur

MaraSiegler 24 Jun 2013
its a tribute to don rickles but feels like a time capsule. My inner child is freaking out!

MadElliott10 24 Jun 2013
sleepover after? possibly with too?

mekk___ 24 Jun 2013
lmaooo I know I know smh -.-

NetsDaily 24 Jun 2013
well of course. Hippopotamus jawlines can be quite attractive ... And a killing machine.

RustamIbrahim 24 Jun 2013
When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw - Nelson Mandela

axon_us 24 Jun 2013
Nelson PD (BC) Chief says Incident Shows Value of Tool: "thank goodness we did have it available."

michaelqtodd 24 Jun 2013
Thoughts are with Nelson Mandela and his family as reports that he is in "critical" condition filter in

jasonlegate 24 Jun 2013
Hooray. My package just shipped out of Winona, MN. :D

cutietee09 24 Jun 2013
e be lyk say u don read abi....near yhu 2day o

notthebeary 24 Jun 2013
James Gandolfini is gone, Nelson Mandela's going... If the rule of 3 prevails, I wonder who'll join them? Lindsay Lohan? Bob Sagat? Cher?

teasiamichelle 24 Jun 2013
said her boyfriend look like Nelson Mandela!!! 😭😭😭😂😂😂

fvaldez3 24 Jun 2013

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