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All That Is Interesting: The Greatest Speeches In Modern History
"I am prepared to die," Nelson Mandela. One of the most memorable speeches in modern history.
Prince Rogers Nelson (June 07,1958 - April 21,2016) and his parents: Mattie Della Shaw Baker (November 11,1933 - February 15,2002) and John Louis Nelson (June 29,1915 - August 25,2001). Two half siblings: Lorna Lee Nelson (December 02,1942-October 25,2006) and Duane Joseph Nelson Sr.(August 18,1958-March 04,2011). His son: Amiir Nelson (born on October 16,1996 and died on October 23,1996; his mother was Prince's ex-wife Mayte Jannell Garcia , November 12,1973).
Ricky Nelson Death | Musicians Who Died on This Date: Oct. 2: Harriet Nelson best known for ...
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RICKEY NELSON 5-8-1940 to 12-31-1985 Ricky died in a p,and crash The plane landed safely but a fire in the cockpit blazed out of control and kiled him and his band
Go away Kanye. Take your wife and her family with you.
The Nelson House, built between 1915 and 1918 by Norwegian immigrant Niles Nelson on the site of the Nelson-Stone farm on Garden Road. It is a wood frame house built in the pioneer style. The house remained in the Nelson family until Helen Nelson, Niles' wife, died in 1943. It was purchased by the City of Poway in 1991, when it was moved to old Poway Park.
Nelson Mandela and the Women He Loved
Mandela and First Wife - Evelyn Mase - One of the most famous couples in African history, the pair were married in February of 1958. Contrary to popular belief, Winnie was not Nelson Mandela’s first wife, nor would she be his last.
Young Admiral Nelson, Horatio Nelson as a young man, before he became one of Britain's greatest heroes. This was after the story of "Admiral Nelson and the man whose chronometer changed the world".
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Having an affair?
Kent V. Nelson (New Earth)
Kent V. Nelson is Doctor Fate, a powerful sorcerer and psychologist who wields the Helmet of Fate in the fight against evil. His grand-uncle is the original Fate, Kent Nelson. He is a member of the Justice Society of America. Nelson's predecessor as Doctor Fate was Hector Hall, who died in service alongside his wife as their souls entered the Dreaming realm. The powerful sorcerer Nabu still controlled the helmet, amulet and cloak until he was killed by the rampaging Spectre during Infinit...
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Red Bottom Shoe Necklace
South African anti-apartheid activist Winnie Mandela dies aged 81
Winnie Mandela: Former wife of Nelson dies aged 81 in South Africa | Daily Mail Online
Nelson Racing Engines Corvette?
From Chris Burrous to Aretha Franklin: Remembering the Stars We've Lost in 2018
Winnie Madikizela-Mandela OLS MP, also known as Winnie Mandela, was a South African anti-apartheid activist and politician, and the ex-wife of Nelson Mandela. Wikipedia Born: September 26, 1936, Bizana, Eastern Cape, South Africa Died: April 2, 2018, Milpark Hospital, Johannesburg, South AfricaIE MADIKIZELA-MANDELA
Tracy Nelson
Singer/Actor Ricky Nelson at home with twin sons (Gunnar & Matthew) and his daughter Tracy Nelson. Tracy became an actress herself. Ricky and his wife Sharon Harmon (photographer), had another son named Sam. This photo is from 1970. Sadly, Ricky Nelson died at 45, in a plane crash in 1985
petesouza (archived) on Twitter
President Barack Obama & The First Lady Michelle Obama talk on the phone with Nelson Mandela's wife, Graca Machel
1939-2012, Songwriter Susanna Clark, wife of singer/songwriter Guy Clark, died this week in Nashville after a long illness. She penned such tunes as “I’ll Be Your San Antone Rose” and “Easy From Now On,” both of which were recorded by Emmylou Harris, “Heavenly Houseboat Blues” with Van Zandt and “Come from the Heart,” with Richard Leigh, which was a 1989 single for Kathy Mattea also recorded by Guy Clark.Also a visual artist, she painted the cover to the '78 Willie Nelson album “Stardust”.
'Little House on the Prairie': Where Are They Now?
Richard Bull played Nels Oleson on Little House On the Prairie. He passed away on February 3, 2014 at the age of 89
Amie Patrick is wife to Darrin, lead pastor of The Journey in St. Louis. Married for 20 years. Her husband Darrin Patrick dies on May 8, 2020.
Head Coverings For a Woman's Protection
Movie Poster Art: That Hamilton Woman (1941)

BlockClubCHI May 24 shared via Twitter
"Don Chuy," who ran a Little Village corner store for 40 years, died of coronavirus last week. With his wife at his side, he made Varela’s Groceries a community institution, raised 4 kids & helped his neighbors when they didn't have money for food:

Demeo_10 13 hours ago shared via Twitter
That's how I always saw things, until an uncle of mine died of this same virus few days ago! It sounded unreal to the entire family coz he was buried even before the hospital notified his wife. I'm talking being buried minutes after his death with no family members around😭😭😭

DonRon56 May 20 shared via Twitter
My first March was 2013 royal mile about 4 weeks after my wife died she was really looking forward going on it went with my daughter son in law one year old grandson in his pram we just had to go for her memory

donnelsonguy May 24 shared via Twitter
Here’s a perfect example of the misinformation by those in media. On first glance you’d think these people died from Rx overdose. Wrong. It’s 100% illicit drugs. Please stop this.

KrishnaSatyend2 12 hours ago shared via Twitter
Thre4 u see Namazuddin sister died of Carona His Bengali Wife Left him These Hindus Converts actors Amitabh,Amir Khan,Sharukh Khan,Salman,Saif Khan played as trendsetter Now emergng actors playing their parts of Don,Bisexual,Atheist Thus spreading vulgarity,hatred 2wards Hinduism

donno2016 May 19
Just heard John Glenn's 100 year old wife died. News says she died of COVID-19 complications. Is there no shame?

My kids are half white and Asian. They are 100 percent American! They got more talent than me and mom! Oh and their poor joe! But my wife lost her 3 letter word jobs! Trump 2020 baby! Remember the ones who died in war don jr! Semper fi

DiDonWife May 24
We playing Ispy so Jahsi say I spy somebody with a big ol stomach so I immediately burst out laughing and say your father Jahsi start laugh and we just literally all just died

My wife’s uncle Don Brady served aboard the USS Cowpens with fighter group VF-50. He flew countless fighter & recon missions thru the last days of WWII. The Cowpens was the first carrier to enter Tokyo Bay at the end of the War. He died last yr at 96. We celebrate these heroes.

My father in law died in a care home. His wife, don and daughters could not visit. Socially distanced funeral with no cars or flowers an 9 people allowed. How is this fair and why are we allowing this government to get away with this it's alright for us but not you

Trump? RAPED at least 3. Ivana 1 st wife, Katie Johnson she was 13. with Epstein In NYC mansion. E.J.Carroll whose case is open and Trump ordered to provide his DNA Defamation. Trump for PRISON LIVE 1-21-21

Colony14 May 21
If I know someone whose wife died not too long ago and he filled out and returned an absentee ballot for her, to whom do I report that fraud?

DonWatzMartin May 20
Yes. Obi-Wan was like a brother, Padme was his wife. What Anakin lacked after Qui-Gon died was a parental figure. That parental figure ended up being Palpatine. Had Qui-Gon lived, he would have been that parental figure for Anakin.

real_pryme May 20
In conclusion, robin in "how i met your mother" is just a selfish and depressed hoe who was still very lucky to get together with ted... She for don almost die single...if not because ted's wife died..

tbstupid May 18
He laughed when his wife said “all this over a DAMN flag”.... a flag so many of our military soldiers have fought and died for

joeclark_343 May 18
Don MacGregor is an 80 yr old w/brain cancer - maybe he's actually 70 At any rate after his wife died suddenly he decided to spend his last days traveling across country Nurse Kate is going with him Now I have to deal with ageing - tachycardia, depression, etc etc

don_nystrom 11 Feb 2018

djvlad 3 Dec 2010
R.I.P Henrietta King (Blog): Boxing promoter Don King's wife Henriette King died of stomach cancer. She...

Merrillmarkoe 11 Sep 2013
Don Nelson, brother of Ozzie, of Ozzie and Harriet, died. He didn't even get to have his own picture on his obituary.

EpochTimes 28 Nov 2019
The last remaining member of the team that carved the Mount Rushmore National Memorial died on Saturday, according to his wife. Don “Nick” Clifford worked on from 1938 to 1940, according to the book that he wrote with his wife, Carolyn.

Manthanasiou 26 Oct 2013
Before you say Don Cherry looks like a goof by wearing a rose know why. He wears a Rose In memory of his wife Rose who died of Liver Cancer

KevinI 3 Dec 2010
My deepest sympathies to promoter Don King, whose wife, Henrietta, died in her sleep at home on Friday.

Dying Man Michael Elliot, who HATED Trump Like MOST of the WORLD, Wife Told Him Don was Impeached So He Could Die in Peace Died With a SMILE

BarstoolRundown 19 Jun 2018
The - June 19, 2018 is now live with and the Cousins joining midshow -Don La Greca vs. Francesa -Wife shoots husband in balls -Ed Werder vs. Women -XXXTentacion died

In 2009, the wife of entertainment icon Jimmy “Schnozzola” Durante died. I was brought in to value items. His daughter let me pick out some signed checks for myself. One is to Peter Lawford, Don Ameche, $10,000 for a lost marker at the Desert Inn, & 1948 check to the Flamingo.

clairenoland 11 Sep 2013
Ozzie and Harriet and Ricky and David are long gone. Ozzie's brother Don Nelson died yesterday at 86.

CryptoLoren 27 Jul 2019
Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom creator & director Don Meier, age 104, died July 13, 2019, in his Winnetka, Illinois home. Meier passed away exactly one year after memorial services were held for Lorena Meier, his wife of 68-years. She died at age 100.~

Yahoo 24 May 2014
Wife: Don Levine, a Hasbro executive who helped develop GI Joe as the world’s 1st action figure, has died:

EddieMcClintock 24 Feb 2016
Throwing my wife under the bus : Lynn: "Don Knotts died today." Me: "That sucks, better post it on Twitter." ...Don Knotts died in 2006.

One was even crying that he caught his wife and best friend in the act on their matrimonial bed so he divorced her... Na lie Another dy cry say she don died during childbirth like 5 years ago till I called and she picked that was when I apologized to her.

laddegan 22 May 2019
"He will be up there and remembered for a long time to come." A man who died on is being remembered for his kindness and ambitious goals. 55-yr-old Don Cash leaves behind his wife, 4 children and 3 grandchildren. MORE at 6pm on

SJSU 9 Nov 2017
Remembering alumnus & businessman Don Lucas, who with wife Sally gave $10 million+ to . Don died Oct. 30 at age 83.

dcexaminer 27 Dec 2019
Imus died in College Station, Texas, on Friday. He is survived by Deirdre, his wife of 25 years, daughters Nadine, Ashley, Elizabeth, and Toni, and sons Wyatt and Zachary Don Cates.

TheClemReport 26 Jun 2019
Lost In The HBO Real Sports Commotion Was Don Nelson Talking About The Guy Who Died At His Poker Table That They Continued Playing Around While He Sat There Dead

jameswzegan85 13 Apr 2019
my wife and I watched it again recently, excellent Another good example of a woman not being recognised for scientific breakthroughs is Rosalind Franklin who discovered the double helix structure of DNA, she died, her workers got the Nobel Prize, her name wasn't even mentioned

StuffaboutMpls 4 Jun 2014
St. Paul Saint Don Zimmer with his wife in a hospital. He nearly died after being hit by a pitch in the head in 1953.

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