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An Overview of Canada's Tax Brackets
Read about Canadian federal tax rates, and learn how the Canada Revenue Agency may apply several different taxation rates to your income.
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NDP touts its proposed ‘super wealth tax’ on eve of the election campaign
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kwan250 14 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
Canadian federal income tax brackets 2019

Glenburns3 Feb 8 shared via Twitter
So a country with less than a million people. Tax rate below Canadian $ Federal Personal Income Tax Brackets and Tax Rates in 2019 $0.00 - $47,630.0015% $47,630.00 - $95,259.0020.5% $95,259.00 - $147,667.0026% $147,667.00 - $210,371.0029% $210,371.00 and over33% And...

kwan250 14 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
Canadian federal income tax brackets 2019

CPC_HQ 13 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
Justin Trudeau said he would help the middle class. Instead, Trudeau cut tax credits and raised taxes on middle-income Canadians. Justin Trudeau is .

janephilpott 12 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
Delighted to announce I have been confirmed by Elections Canada as an independent candidate for the 2019 federal election in Markham-Stouffville. As such we can now issue receipts eligible for tax credit. I would be grateful for your support at this link:

FraserInstitute 27 Aug 2019
NEW STUDY: Low- and middle-income Canadians are hit hardest by high marginal effective tax rates. Read the study at

RalphGoodale 26 Aug 2019
This year, Saskatchewan municipalities are receiving a combined total of $124M from the Government of Canada through the Federal Gas Tax Transfer. For Regina, that means $25M for better streets, sidewalks + other basic infrastructure. (3/3)

Moon_River05 23 Aug 2019
The di has been cast. I just couriered over to the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) documents to prove I was the sole income earner during my marriage and I should get child tax credits. My God!! The documents!! 300+ pages!. It's in God's hands now

DrJacobsRad 13 Sep 2019
The wealth of the middle class is held in their primary residence. Liberal MP Vaughan's proposed 50% tax on the sale of your home would devastate middle income Canadians. Is this what Trudeau meant when he said that he was just getting started?

globalnews 28 Aug 2019
: The Ford government says it has filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada to challenge the constitutionality of the federal carbon tax.

tylerwhat16 23 Aug 2019
Doug Ford said he will reconsider Ontario's court challenge of the federal carbon tax if Andrew Sheer’s Conservatives lose Canada's election on Oct. 21. is currently wasting $30 million of public money on this fight.

NatObserver 6 Sep 2019
The unproven lawsuit from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association says the Federal Carbon Tax Transparency Act — dubbed the Sticker Act — violates free speech provisions of the Constitution.

MarcGarneau 20 Aug 2019
So if a tax credit is NON-REFUNDABLE, you dont get any benefit if you dont have any tax to pay, e.g. if you're a low income Canadian.

RalphGoodale 26 Aug 2019
Good news: the Government of Canada has transferred $93.1 million to Saskatchewan through the doubling of the federal Gas Tax Fund – with another $31.2 million coming later this year. That means 2X the funding for SK communities for crucial infrastructure projects.

ernietedeschi 29 Aug 2019
I'm open to the finding that Canadian incomes are higher than American incomes at the lower end of the distribution. But this CSLS study uses *pre-tax, pre-in-kind-transfer* income, which is a major problem. America does a large share of its anti-poverty spending through taxes.

queerthoughts 10 Sep 2019
Canada’s richest CEOs earn more than 200 times the average income of Canadian workers. And the super-rich are hiding more than $300 billion in tax havens every year, and using tax loopholes to avoid paying their fair share. The tax system Conservatives and Liberals invented.

JeffYurekMPP 28 Aug 2019
Please see my statement on Appealing the Federal Carbon Tax Decision to the Supreme Court of Canada:

CBCBusiness 28 Aug 2019

DianeMariePosts 13 Sep 2019
This screenshot is from an analysis by Vincent Chandler in the 2015 Canadian Tax Journal. Note that higher-income taxpayers benefit the most from these NON-refundable tax-credits. See the average claim per tax return column on the right.

DianeMariePosts 13 Sep 2019
This abstract is a screenshot from The Canadian Tax Journal (2015), author Vincent Chandler. The piece is not long and it clearly shows that the benefits are enjoyed by those in higher income-brackets. Link to article (see list).

WoobieTuesday 10 Sep 2019
OECD Data shows that, for the second year in a row, Canadians pay lower income tax than Americans, and "families with children are paying much, much less than Americans." Key difference? Canadians don't pay a dime for healthcare.

Laurel_BC 10 Sep 2019
"But how will you pay for it?" 1% tax on wealth over $20mil = $6-9 billion/yr Canada’s 87 richest families have as much wealth as 12 million lower income Canadians & “about half of all the money raised by this tax would come from these 87 families alone”

MrDash109 6 Sep 2019
Canada's federal Child Benefit provides abt $550/mth to families & was increased from year before to keep up with inflation. Also tax free. Andrew Scheer Conservatives lie their $1,200 benefit is 'more' but that is annually; $100/mth is less, a lot less, than $550.

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