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An Overview of Canada's Tax Brackets
Read about Canadian federal tax rates, and learn how the Canada Revenue Agency may apply several different taxation rates to your income.
The average Canadian family spent more last year on taxes than on housing, food and clothing combined, according to a new study.
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CaptainDick12 23 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
2018 Federal income tax brackets*2018 Federal income tax rates $46,605 or less = 15% $46,605 to $93,208 = 20.5% $93,208 to $144,489 = 26% $144,489 to $205,842 = 29% More than $205,842 = 33% Straight from CRA.

RoseAnatomy 25 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
There are other ways to balance a budget. I'll admit, I'm not familiar with Canadian tax brackets, but here in America, the richest 400 people have the lowest tax rate. Amazon, along with ~60 other companies with millions in profit, paid zero federal income tax in 2017 and 2018.

CaptainDick12 23 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
2018 Federal income tax brackets*2018 Federal income tax rates $46,605 or less = 15% $46,605 to $93,208 = 20.5% $93,208 to $144,489 = 26% $144,489 to $205,842 = 29% More than $205,842 = 33% Straight from CRA.

brianlilley 7 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
From the man that thinks budgets balance themselves comes the latest hit...... Taxes pay themselves! Read how ⁦⁩ thinks low income Canadians don’t pay taxes, despite obvious proof that they do. Read & RT

brianlilley 6 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
Just like thinks budgets balance themselves, he seems to think taxes pay themselves, at least for low income Canadians. He's wrong, horribly wrong and needs to be called out for it. So out of touch. Read & RT

AndrewScheer 7 Feb 2019
Justin Trudeau is raising taxes because he thinks Canadians don’t pay enough. Saying on Tuesday “low income families don’t benefit from tax breaks because they don’t pay taxes.” That’s an insult to hardworking low-income Canadians who pay their taxes and just barely get by!

DouglasTodd 9 Feb 2019
Critics of the ignore it's also designed to target trans-national 'satellite' families that maintain multiple dwellings for temporary use & to shelter wealth, while paying little income tax.

bopinion 13 Feb 2019
There is one other appealing country nearby, which (mostly) speaks the same language... The top federal income tax rate in Canada is 33 percent — lower than the equivalent rate in the U.S.

brianlilley 6 Feb 2019
It is beyond bizarre! ⁦⁩ says low income Canadians don’t pay taxes. The facts prove him wrong but he still stands by his crazy statement. Read & RT

PremierScottMoe 21 Feb 2019
The federal government wants to call the carbon tax a “regulatory fee” instead of a tax. It doesn’t really matter what they call it. Canadians know it’s a tax, and it’s unconstitutional.

Richard_Florida 13 Feb 2019
Striking Statistics: "The top federal income tax rate in Canada is 33 percent — lower than the equivalent rate in the US. The provincial tax rate in Ontario, home to the business hub of Toronto, is 13.16%, similar to the 13.3% paid by Californians."

CTVNews 10 Feb 2019
New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs says the federal government's carbon tax will hurt Canada's economy and the Liberals popularity:

ThornhillConEDA 7 Feb 2019
WATCH: Justin Trudeau: "low income Canadians don't pay taxes" MP: "Anyone earning $12,000+ (way below poverty line) pays taxes. Trudeau is a millionaire trust-fund baby accusing working Canadians of not paying their taxes"

CBCAlerts 14 Feb 2019
From Radio-Canada's coverage of a protest truck convoy that has now left Red Deer, Alberta for a 4-day trek to Ottawa, to protest the federal carbon tax and a bill that would change the way energy projects are reviewed. Story:

OtagoGrad 19 Feb 2019
Large pro-pipeline truck convoy protests federal oil policies "We are coming to unite Canada. We come to express the removal of C69 & C48, no to carbon tax & yes to pipelines. We want to go to work & look after our families. Nothing more."

PremierScottMoe 20 Feb 2019
A federal government adding insult to injury to our energy sector by blocking Canadian energy corridors, ramming through Bill C-69, and attempting to force a carbon tax, will only lead to one thing: More U.S. oil, less Canadian oil. Is that the future we want for our country?

charlesadler 10 Feb 2019
"611 billion dollars & counting. That is how much Albertans have paid to the rest of Canada in net federal fiscal transfers-1961 to 2017.. federal taxes paid by Albertans net of federal spending in Alberta (all numbers in 2017 dollars)." Mintz

MaximeBernier 6 Feb 2019
1/ This evening, I will vote against a Conservative motion asking for Ottawa to hand over federal tax collection in Quebec to the provincial government. Scheer says it will simplify things for Quebecers, who are the only Canadians filing 2 tax returns. The opposite will happen.

missninaroxy 5 Feb 2019
Since when did any of you ever care about low income earners anyway? The kind of tax breaks the CPC offers don’t ever help low income Canadians. Not that you would know, but people earning $12000 a year don’t buy a lot of taxable items. You gave them a tax break on hockey camp😳

JohnBarlowMP 15 Feb 2019
Over the last three years Canadians have gotten to know Justin Trudeau and they don’t like what they’ve seen. Since he came to power more than 80 per cent of middle-income families pay $800 more in taxes every...

IglikaIvanova 15 Feb 2019
This is why all low-income benefits should have automatic enrolment. The Canada Workers Benefit (the new WITB) is designed this way & every other federal or provincial tax benefit must be changed to match.

DrJacobsRad 5 Feb 2019
Justin Trudeau just said that low income Canadians don't benefit from tax cuts because THEY DON'T PAY TAXES! Accounting firm Ernst and Young's tax calculator disagrees.

tleehumphrey 6 Feb 2019
Seriously Gerry? You’re shilling for a guy who just said low income Canadians don’t pay taxes and you’re accusing of making things up?

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