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BYUNlES 46 minutes ago shared via Twitter
bol4, kang hanna, lucas, colde, hanbyul and zhera liked baekhyun’s recent instagram post 🥰

espn 10 minutes ago shared via Twitter
This is amazing 👏❤️ (via team_abby_mac/Instagram, macc864/Instagram)

thewayvceo 1 hour ago shared via Twitter
200525 TEN Instagram Update with LOUIS ❤️

mylovelywooseok 59 minutes ago shared via Twitter
X1’s managers posted this on their instagram! “Let’s go let’s go~ 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻” “Wooseokie’s solo song is so sexy woahhhh~~ fighting!!” Thank you manager-nim for always showing your love and support to the members 🥺🥺

knowingbro_nct 48 minutes ago shared via Twitter
🚨Do you want to see on Knowing Brothers? Then let’s work together and make it happen!🚨 RULES: 1. Trend “NCT127 아는형님” to show how much we want them on the show. 2. Send DMs to JTBC on Instagram 3. Message JTBC on FB

nctenpics 1 hour ago

LPBROfficial 30 minutes ago
📹 | hugo_official via Instagram Story.

PopCrave 1 hour ago
. celebrates 15 years in the music industry in new Instagram story: “Man this is trippy. Feels like just yesterday I was shaking in the hallways of Def Jam waiting to audition for Jay.”

idleguide 1 hour ago

2getherSeriesID 43 minutes ago
8400 more to 4,000,000 followers on Instagram!!

bhyunsource 44 seconds ago
look at baekhyun lightly dancing and laughing in the back while the dancers do their freestyling, this is so cute 😭🥰 OP’s friend sent them this video! you can also find it on Instagram: leaflee

5REDVELVET 29 minutes ago

btstranslation7 1 hour ago
’s official instagram was updated with agust d selfies!

defdaily 20 minutes ago

JennieStan_Lov 31 minutes ago
Most followed Instagram account weekly (5.17 - 5.23) 1 (260,085)

CXB_6104_ 47 minutes ago
When you search this hashtag on instagram the results are only the dancers posts about baekhyun's candy. The fans are wondering if it was made by baekhyun or a inside jokes among them 😅 (no but what are you guys doing today)

creativisocial 44 seconds ago

bestofbyunbaek 1 hour ago
_simeez instagram update! **one of the dancers of candy team!

ibaekrauhls 51 minutes ago
One of the dancers (CANDY TEAM) posted this on Instagram and he captioned ' 🍭 📷@/baekhyunee_exo' Looks like Baekhyun took the photos while he was seating ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 😂

bestofbyunbaek 46 minutes ago
yehwankim_justjerk instagram update! **one of the dancers of candy team! seems like baekhyun took these photos! but why is his shoulder seen on the right side 😂

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