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HeatherA_Taylor 14 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
Super excited to have you on the team, Meighan!

bethany_nugent 14 Dec 2017 shared via Twitter
Congrats!!!!!! :)

DrBhrettMcCabe 1 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
I am excited and sad that is leaving The MindSide and starting a new journey with Bethany College leading student-athlete development. Our entire team will miss her and we wish her all the best! Go crush it Meighan!

_spell 24 Oct 2010 shared via Twitter
'Metheny' could be Methane, Marthena, Bethany, Bethena, Megen, Methyl, Then, Meighen, Heathen, Mermen or Mathe.

bethany_nugent 16 Jan 2018 shared via Twitter
Thank you for joining us !

UCWV 21 Aug 2010
Bethany Meighen and her Student Life team welcome UC students and their families with smiling faces

Bethany_Bison May 11
Meet the Athletic Staff Monday! Get to know Director of Student Success Meighan Julbert!

Bethany_College 22 Nov 2019
“First you have to have a plan. Next, you need to have an idea how you will adjust when your plan does not work. That’s how life is.” - Meighan Julbert, Bethany's director of student-athlete success

MHendersonGolf 26 Aug 2019
Bethany, you're very lucky to have her onboard. Meighan best of luck

Bethany_Bison 26 Aug 2019
We are excited to have Meighan() as a part of our staff! We look forward to all of the amazing things she has planned for our scholar-athletes.

billsterrett 11 May 2019
Proud of our alum Dr. Bethany Meighen, sharing our commencement address

kevinrmcclure 11 May 2019
UNCW ⁦⁩ Commencement speaker Bethany Meighen, Interim Vice Pres for Academic & Student Affairs in the UNC System and ‘15 graduate of the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. One of our brightest stars!

mr_meighen 4 Dec 2017
As a teacher, I like the ability to create engaging videos quickly and on the fly. I’ve made some field trip highlights on sight at a few locations. As a student, I like the flexibility that Clips offers with all of the animations and editing features they can use when creating.

UNCWWatsonEd 22 Oct 2014
TONIGHT! A Discussion with Teachers from Ferguson, Missouri - Oct. 22, 2014. RSVP to Bethany Meighen. Spaces are limited.

JamesMDeVita 7 Feb 2014

basicallyshai 7 Nov 2013
I'm going to miss Meighan, Micheal, Ryan, Bethany, and Alex so freaking much next year. I love all of them.

TRILFILM_CEO55 10 Aug 2012

rbmoran22 7 Jun 2012
Happy for Dean of Students Bethany Meighen for pursuing opportunity UC loses a vital asset to its students, operations, and community.

rbmoran22 24 May 2012
You met my dean (dean of the year Bethany Meighen last night! Are you still in KC? If so, I'd love to chat about health care.

UCWV 6 Mar 2012
Ever wonder what it's like to be the dean of student life? Check out this story about UC's Bethany Meighen:

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