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From 13th to Amanda Knox: the 20 best documentaries on Netflix - Movies - NZ Herald News
13 Netflix Documentaries That Will Enthrall You From The Start
Over the years, Netflix has become the premiere site for streaming shows, movies, and documentaries. Though the first two have been talked about more dominantly throughout the years, Netflix's selection of documentaries has both grown in number and p…
The six best documentaries from 2017 on Netflix - NZ Herald
Balch Coffee Table with Tray Top
You Won't Be Able To Shut Up About These Movies
15 Movies On Netflix That Are Impossible To Stop Talking About
Feeling down? Moody? Your sitting time may be the culprit
Feeling down? Moody? Your sitting time may be the culprit |
Hillary: Clinton doco offers a compelling portrait of a complicated life
Hillary: Clinton doco offers a compelling portrait of a complicated life |
ENTR801 semester 1 2016
Carole's Chatter: The Stolen Marriage by Diane Chamberlain
"The Creative Brain" - 52m (2019) :: Via New On Netflix AUS/NZ Neuroscientist David Eagleman taps into the creative process of various innovators while exploring brain-bending, risk-taking ways to spark creativity.
He Confessed To 600 Murders. A Chilling New Netflix Documentary Questions Those Claims.
Love Last Dance, but hate sport? Same. - National Basketball Association News
"ARASHI's Diary -Voyage-" - Limited Series (2019) :: Via New On Netflix AUS/NZ Twenty years after their debut, join the beloved members of Arashi on a new journey as they showcase their lives, talents and gifts to the world.
Chef's Table | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
WORDS: Books, Film, Music
Checking out Asian TV options on Netflix
Checking out Asian TV options on Netflix |
"The Navy SEALs: Their Untold Story" - 1hr 53m (2014) :: Via New On Netflix AUS/NZ Follow the history of the U.S. Navy SEALs, from D-Day to Korea and Vietnam, to their role in today's conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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감기 The Flu 戰疫 [2013]

JimRosenz 18 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
Best fly on the wall documentary I've seen in this by an all foreign woman film crew in the Iranian family court

GrahamJenson 4 Mar 2018 shared via Twitter
I would also recommend the documentary AlphaGo on Netflix. It is a great look at the human vs machine future we face, where a bunch of computer scientists can create a bot that beats the worlds best. Also love the shout out to , solid NZ company!

NetflixLifee 3 Mar 2018 shared via Twitter

Toadsanime 1 Mar 2018 shared via Twitter
A Silent Voice is on Netflix! No joke, one of the best films I've ever seen. An absolute must-watch.

TommyWiseau 28 Feb 2018 shared via Twitter
I commend you ! This is why The Room is not on Netflix and others . It is best in a theater with people enjoying it ! Find one here and go have FUN !

GameSpot 28 Feb 2018
The best anime to watch on Netflix right now

ChhotaThalaiva 1 Mar 2018
One of the best and most underrated films of 2017 is finally out on Netflix. Share it and give it the love it deserves. :)

somebadideas 28 Feb 2018
Annihilation is one of the best sci-fi movies of the decade. That one of its producers tried to recut it for being ‘too intellectual’ and it was dumped on the curb by its studio & sold off to Netflix worldwide when it deserves a big screen is a disgrace. See it while you can.

ThePortalist 2 Mar 2018

CaroDMurillo 2 Mar 2018
👇🏻👇🏻 One of the best shows I’ve seen in a while!! on 👏🏻🤣

PopHorrorNews 3 Mar 2018
I'm looking for something cool to watch tonight. What are the best films to stream on and right now? Any suggestions? Especially newer stuff I probably haven't seen. Hit me! Thanks in advance!

gwenmeno 3 Mar 2018
I think that's because she asked black people to boycott because they didn't offer "her" tens of millions of dollars when many people are doing their best to make it on what they are getting paid; nor does she have a rep for using her celebrity for Black or women issues.

GamesNGrapples 2 Mar 2018
Just saw the Black Museum episode of on . Blew me away on so many different levels. One of the best episodes of I’ve seen. Just wow. Absolutely love this series!

MagicBusIndia 2 Mar 2018
Hurry up! Share a picture of the woman who changed your world! Don’t forget to use , tag , & a friend to take the challenge. Best photographs will be on our Facebook cover photo.

stevenmckell 2 Mar 2018
Girls incarcerated on is one of the best programmes on’s real and authentic, NETFLIX do not cancel this show lol

Dem_EvilKevin 2 Mar 2018
I just watched “Dirk Gently holistic detective” and this was hands down the best show on the platform. There is nothing like this and I honestly can’t believe this has not been picked up for a third season. Netflix get on this renew this epic series

LauInLA 2 Mar 2018
The best action-adventure series you're not watching is a hidden gem on - allow to introduce you to your next obsession, :

amycassandramtz 2 Mar 2018
THREAD: Films on are as follows: nominated for 4 . || ’s nominated for Best Animated Feature Film || nominated for Best Animated Feature Film || con’t. 👇🏼

MenAleppo 2 Mar 2018
"A masterpiece." —Nick Fraser, nominee for Best Documentary Feature LAST MEN IN ALEPPO is now streaming on :

totalfilm 2 Mar 2018
The 25 best TV shows on (March 2018)

ArfKeldo 1 Mar 2018
Best part of being home sick this week? I just watched all of the new episodes on . David Chang’s passion for making and eating delicious food is so contagious. What a great series!

juuulia 1 Mar 2018
This Ugly Delicious show on is truly the best show that anyone could've ever made for me (except it could use more women tbh but so could the rest of the food industry so ???)

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