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Dan Patrick nails it on the head here in regards to the season having an asterisk courtesy of :

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" Office To Cement All-Or-Nothing Review Approach: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is proposing a new rule that would require reviews at its tribunal to proceed on all the challenged  ...

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UPDATE: The government will not review fines issued to families who travelled to get childcare in lockdown, Sky News understands – despite the health secretary promising a vicar in TV briefing he would "look at" the issue

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The Government could review penalty fines issued to parents who travelled for childcare during lockdown, the Health Secretary has said.

github 2 hours ago
Announcing GitHub CLI 0.9, with several improvements to your pull request workflow! 👍 gh pr ready 👀 gh pr diff ✅ gh pr review 🚀 gh pr merge

allkpop 3 hours ago
Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office to review and possibly re-investigate Yang Hyun Suk on his alleged drug scandal cover up

thedailybeast 3 hours ago
UPDATE: Franklin Templeton, the employer of Amy Cooper, who called the police on a black man in New York's Central Park, said that she has been fired after an “internal review of the incident”

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hip_review 3 hours ago
J Cole >>>> any rapper from the 2010s (except for Kendrick)

BeijingReview 9 minutes ago
When national security is under serious threat and yet Hong Kong is powerless to establish the required laws, it’s necessary and urgent that they be established at the state level.

NRO 3 hours ago
The Remains of an Administration | via

THR 5 minutes ago
Elmo is a talk show host and Cookie Monster is his sidekick on 'The Not Too Late Show.' Read THR's review:

anubhutitiwari 6 minutes ago

BeijingReview 13 minutes ago
The Central Government will not stand by in the face of attempts to subvert state power and interference from hostile external forces.

delhidefence 3 hours ago
No 18 Squadron "Flying Bullets" resurrected with the LCA Tejas. The second squadron of Tejas fighters, to be based at Sulur in TamilNadu, will see these homegrown birds inducted tomorrow.

reviewjournal 3 hours ago
The Department of Justice warns that his ban on gatherings of 10 or more people in churches, other places of worship may violate the First Amendment

techreview 2 hours ago
To set a reminder on Facebook Live, click here:

FocusCitizen 20 minutes ago
, Jane Roe in the infamous case, died in 2017. But in her last days she allowed documentarians to film her so-called “deathbed confession,” which has tarnished her legacy as a pro-abortion activist turned pro-life advocate.

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