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An Overview of Canada's Tax Brackets
Read about Canadian federal tax rates, and learn how the Canada Revenue Agency may apply several different taxation rates to your income.
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Liberals propose tax changes to close loopholes for wealthy | CBC News
July 19, 2017 - CBC - Finance Minister Bill Morneau proposes tax changes to close loopholes for wealthy - Rise in number of businesses paying lower corporate tax rates prompts Finance Canada to reconsider rules - Finance Minister Bill Morneau is proposing to close loopholes that allow wealthy Canadians to avoid higher tax rates, largely by targeting people who incorporate themselves and then draw income from their businesses while paying lower corporate taxes.
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MamaFedup May 25 shared via Twitter
Largest source of federal revenues is personal income tax revenues, which accounted for 49% total revenues in 2017–18. (). This has drastically changed as unemployment is at Depression-era rates & many businesses gone.

HRaleighspeaks 13 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
"Even after the 2017 Trump reforms, the combined state and federal corporate income tax rate in the United States is still higher than the rates in Canada, Denmark, Norway and Sweden."

PolitiFact 13 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
Sen. Bernie Sanders said Amazon paid no federal income tax in 2017. He's right:

IMMikhailHafiz 27 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
I would like to know how LHDN allowed not only Najib, but both his son AND his daughter to get away without paying a single sen of income tax between 2011 and 2017. • Najib - RM 1.69 billion • Nazifuddin - RM 37.6 million • Nooryana - RM 10.3 million

CenterOnBudget 12 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
By making the Child Tax Credit fully refundable, the Tax Relief Act would fix a major flaw in the 2017 tax law... ...which left behind 26 million children in low- & moderate-income working families:

ChrisLu44 10 Sep 2019
Trump: 2017 tax cut will "give the typical American household around a $4,000 pay raise" Paul Ryan's website: "At least $4,000" Reality: Household income rose $553 in 2018, the lowest increase in 4 years Fortunately, corporations and the super rich did great.

JohnJHarwood 21 Aug 2019
about Mnuchin's claim that 2017 tax cut would pay for itself and reduce federal debt, 2 CBO projections: Jan 2017 as Obama departed WH total US debt by 2027: $24.8-trillion share of GDP: 88.9% now, in Trump's 3rd year total debt by 2027: $26.4-trillion share of GDP: 92.4%

kevinmilligan 2 Aug 2019
2/ Have federal taxes risen? Not as a share of national income, no. Here is Federal Revenues / GDP. 1997-98: 17.8% 2015-16: 14.8% 2017-18: 14.6% Source: Fiscal Reference Tables

MAslamPTI 19 Aug 2019
The filing of returns of income for tax year 2018 had reached to the total number of 2,404,371 as compared to 1,486,756 returns filed for the tax year 2017 indicating a growth of 62% over the last year.

SenatorLankford 19 Aug 2019
Met with representatives from nonprofits across OK & discussed charitable giving & my LIFT for Charities Act w/. The LIFT Act would repeal a section in the 2017 tax code that requires nonprofits & churches to pay federal taxes on employee benefits, like parking spots.

ABSCBNNews 28 Aug 2019
Bureau of Internal Revenue files P168.2M tax evasion rap vs Reyna Apolinario, corp secretary of Kapa Community Ministry Intl & wife of founder Joel Apolinario. BIR found she had undeclared sources of income amounting to P307.7M for 2017 and 9 undeclared vehicles. |

TomSteyer 29 Aug 2019
My wife Kat and I are releasing ten years of our federal, state, charitable, and political tax returns––and it didn't even require a subpoena. We believe in transparency. Records for 2009-2017 are available now, with 2018 to be released later this year.

cate_long 12 Sep 2019
Primary question on Capitol Hill is why it's taking Puerto Rico 21 months after Congress passed 2017 tax reform to convert Act 154 from an excise to income tax to make it credible for multinationals operating on the island.

nytimes 21 Aug 2019
Rising deficit projections are the result of sluggish growth in federal revenue after President Trump’s 2017 tax cuts went into effect, and several bipartisan agreements to raise military and nondefense domestic discretionary spending

kevinmilligan 2 Aug 2019
4/ The fiscal reference tables only go to 2017-18 right now. What about the present and future. Are federal taxes 'out of control'? No, not even close. Bouncing around between 14.5% to 14.9%. FYI the average from 2006-07 to 2015-16 was 14.6%.

DavidPepper 11 Sep 2019
“The economy apparently is slowing and deficits are soaring, but Sen. Rob Portman said Tuesday he's not disappointed in the performance of the massive 2017 federal tax cut.” Apparently he’s got his very own tax scam Sharpie.

nwlc 12 Sep 2019
What didn’t help people in poverty get ahead: the 2017 tax law. What did: The Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit, which kept millions above the poverty line last year.

CoalitionHN 12 Sep 2019
🗣️WHAT TIME IS IT? ⏲️FOR The 2017 tax law didn’t help many low-income parents with the costs of raising children. A better solution: expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit to improve the economic well-being of millions of families.

cate_long 11 Sep 2019
2017 federal tax reform allows US companies to credit 80% of **income tax they pay to foreign govts against their federal tax liability. They cannot credit **excise taxes (like Act 154) against their federal taxes without an exemption from US Treasury and they dont want to give.

MAslamPTI 19 Aug 2019
During Fiscal year 2018-19 the number of new tax payers who filed returns of income was 348,140 as compared to 146,096 filed during 2017-18 registering an increase of 137%.

DNCWarRoom 23 Aug 2019
“The increasing levels of red ink stem from a steep falloff in federal revenue after Mr. Trump’s 2017 tax cuts.”

hutchinson 13 Aug 2019
In 2017, Kentucky received $26.6 billion more in federal aid than what it paid in federal taxes. CA spent $13.7 billion more than what it received. The point isn’t that states shouldn’t receive aid, it’s that we all help each other out when it’s needed. This guy’s point sucks.

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